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Reader Reviews. Praise "If you want to understand our minds, you must understand the evolutionary past that forged them. And if you want to understand our sexuality, all the more so. This theoretically grounded book has countless vivid examples and offers a wide-ranging of the origins of human sexual behavior and its modern manifestations, helping to make sense of so many troubling behaviors.

Insightful and provocative.

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Christakis, author of Apollo's Arrow. Buss gives us the underlying causes of the battle between the sexes—and how to overcome sexual conflict. In characteristic fashion, he supports his analyses of the mysteries of sexual conflict with solid research presented in an intriguing and entertaining way. While demonstrating that bad sexual behaviors have evolved as part of our fundamental psychology of sex differences, Buss underscores that such behaviors are not inevitable.

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Understanding them and why they evolved is a necessary and critical step in preventing their perpetuation. This bold and honest look at sexual conflict lays the foundation for better behavior. A must read. I highly recommend it. David Buss does this by elucidating the sex differences in our evolved sexual strategies, the result of sex differences in optimal mating strategies.

An essential read. The result is an eye-opening perspective on the deep history of men harming women. David Buss explains which types of men are most likely to be perpetrators, and why women can be so devastated by the. He relies on clear arguments that build a solid impression of how the sexes have evolved distinct strategies, and how those strategies typically lead to misunderstanding and conflict. The evidence he provides is convincing, and he draws on a commendable range of studies for support.

In my opinion, it will be of interest to a diverse readership—everyone from a person who wonders why men and women behave so differently in online dating, all the way to academics who want to learn the nuances of sexual conflict theory. Definitely a provocative and interesting read! Drawing from the roots of evolutionary biology and psychology, he sets out in scholarly detail the potential for sexual conflicts within and outside relationships.

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He also shows how, while evolved differences between men and women can be recognized, they should not be equated with inevitability of action or behavior. The book provides an important and in many places deeply troubling journey into ourselves. Buss explains so many of the games people play as they strive to attract, keep, and manipulate mates. Trying to understand and reduce sexual harassment, sexual violence, and ordinary marital misery without Buss's evolutionary lens would be like trying to understand and fight epidemics without germ theory. This accessible book explains why conflict between men and women is inevitable, but sexual coercion and violence are not.

When Men Behave Badly is a major contribution to the field. Sapolsky, author of Behave. Related Re.

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