Women looking at my penis

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So yes, women are visual too. So why is it that female nudity is considered automatically sexy, while a dick pic all too often feels embarrassing, awkward, gross, or funny?

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Is it the difference between how the male and female brain perceive bodies? Or is it down to the objective attractiveness of male and female bodies? Are penises aesthetically sexy? Are they physically attractive?

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Are all dick pics doomed to inspire zero lust? Harriet, Penises are not particularly visually appealing. They are veiny, knobbly and generally quite weird. Some are nicer than others, but most are fairly unpleasant to look at. Natalie, No. In my opinion, penises are glorified sausages. Sarah, When they are flaccid, they are funny looking and not visually appealing. Laura, 1. Harriet: Nope. Natalie: Very rarely, and only if it ifies their own arousal which can be a turn on. Sarah: A long, hard penis does to an extent. But it would definitely depend who it was on and what was about to happen.

Jess: Not in a standalone way, no. But then neither do vaginas. Amy: Not at all. I get turned on by the situation and what the penis could do, not the penis itself, if that makes sense. It just looks beautiful. The firmness of it maybe? I read an article about how men manifest their arousal in a more physical, i. Sarah: What about a penis makes it nice to look at?

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Not having too much skin, not being surrounded by too much hair. You are barely gonna see it. Scott: I fall for personality. With my partner I fell for his eyes and who he is, but I know some friends of mine that goes for a man just because they think they have a great penis. Alan: No, you can be attracted to someone in a of ways: physically, romantically or sexually.

There needs to be some level of appeal. Would you be okay if they thought your breasts or labia were unattractive?

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A note, before anyone gets angry: a vagina version of this article is incoming. Remain calm. MORE : Scottish sex terms you all need to know. MORE : How a sex drought affects your mind and body. MORE : What is sacking and how can you deal with it during sex?

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Women looking at my penis

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