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Throughout the month of February, in honor Black History Month, the Medical Humanities-BMJ blog is proud to feature distinguished Black individuals who have made outstanding contributions to medicine and medical humanities. Here at Medical Humanities, we have been very lucky to have hosted Dr. Blackstock is a primary care and HIV physician and researcher.

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Her work focuses on HIV, sexual health, and equity. In a recent interviewDr. Blackstock explained that she was inspired to practice medicine after witnessing her mother find joy and fulfillment working as a doctor in central Brooklyn. Dale Blackstock had grown up on welfare and in substantial poverty; encouraged by a professor in college she ultimately went to Harvard Medical School and became a nephrologist and geriatrician.

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Throughout her career, Dr. Her goal: to better support marginalized populations, where care is not being provided in accessible ways. On the ground, health providers like Dr. Blackstock—and especially those organizations that listen to and work with at risk communities—are taking strides to stem the pandemic and mitigate its consequences.

We hope you will us in celebration of Black women like Dr. Blackstock, who continued to health and humanity to make the world a better place.

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