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On the afternoon of Oct. Within 24 hours, her post generated thousands of replies, comments and retweets and inspired thousands more original posts on social media, with women and men from around the world sharing personal stories. But many women who were not household names also spoke out: nurses, teachers, engineers, florists, waitresses and students — mothers and daughters, sisters and wives.

Some opened up for the first time about being raped. Others told of fending off aggressive co-workers and losing jobs. The were far-reaching — dozens of powerful men accused, many of them toppled, a handful criminally charged. There are going to be setbacks. Seven of those women, ranging from their teens to their 60s, agreed to reflect on how their MeToo moments drove them to rethink their careers and their lives. MeToo I have been fired from jobs for not sleeping with the boss, fired for not letting customers grab me Hootersgroped, up-skirt photographed without my knowledge, kissed without permission, and more When she was in her 20s, Yennie said, she was fired from her job as a Hooters hostess for standing up to customers who tried to grope her.

We have a zero tolerance harassment policy and provide extensive training to all of our managers.

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Yennie said she was later routinely harassed by male customers at a nightclub where she worked in Atlanta. Twice, she was followed out to her car late at night by men who she said tried to rape her. It never occurred to her to report them to the police. Yennie, who works in statistics in Arizona, is now a married mother of two teenage boys. She had been placed in protective custody in Mississippi after she said her father sexually abused her, beginning when she was Her father was investigated and the case went to a grand jury, but he was not ultimately charged, according to the district attorney who oversaw the case.

When she shared her own story, she was met with support. Now 18 and living on her own, Angstadt is working as a retail installation expert and considering a career in law. Her experience makes her want to help other women. I was in my mid'20's. I lost one job because I would not "cooperate" with my manager. So I had to drop it. More than four decades ago, when she was 24 and working in Nashville as a bookkeeper for a financial firm, she had an older boss who was married with grandchildren.

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The next morning, her furious boss fired her. The incident prompted Kirby to go back to school to study nursing, which she believed would be a safer field for women. Earlier this year, Kirby ran for county commissioner in Smith County and won, unseating a male incumbent. A college prof once told me "boys will be boys" when a classmate sexually assaulted me. Nora Yolles Young was in her early 20s and on an archeological dig with a group of students at the University of the Redlands in California when one of the male students got drunk and assaulted her, she said.

When she tried to talk to her male professor about the situation, he brushed her off, she said. Young said she ultimately left the class and the professor refused to give her credit for it. The school declined to comment. The professor did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Michelle Bart was 24 on Halloween in when she went to a party with colleagues from the Colorado casino where she worked. She woke up to find that he was in her bed and had sexually assaulted her, she said. To avoid her attacker, she requested a shift change at the casino, even though it meant less money.

She has struggled for decades with feeling that she was to blame for the assault.

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I'm proud I went to my school's HR but still fear retaliation. The MeToo movement felt timely to Kristin Heckler, who had reported a professor in her graduate theater program at The New School for inappropriate behavior in the spring of The leering was difficult, she said, but so was the process of reporting him.

Rumors spread that she was only speaking out because she wanted a better grade.

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Heckler believes reporting her professor cost her career opportunities. And burning the bridge to my head of department definitely put me at a deficit when it came to finding jobs. Still, she believes that filing a report helped other women. The New School confirmed that the professor is no longer working there but declined to comment further.

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The professor did not respond to a request for comment. Heckler, who now does box office work and helps run a Manhattan-based flower truck, married her longtime girlfriend over the weekend, one year after the MeToo movement launched. Don't think I know a single woman who hasn't been sexually harassed at work, school, or on the street most of us have experienced all 3.

Axelrod, 31, an immigration attorney, said the tweet brought back memories of a mentor who behaved inappropriately when she was a student. She said she was cautiously optimistic about the MeToo movement when it began. As the mother of a 2-month-old girl, Axelrod said she is more determined than ever to fight for gender equality. IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. Afghan latest Southlake Podcast U. News Politics Covid Opinion Business. Share this —. Follow NBC News.

MeToo 1 year later: Megyn Kelly looks back on the movement Oct. News Hollywood is having a MeToo moment. Women of color have fought this battle for decades.

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So I had to drop it — Greta Kirby fuelup December 6, Axelrod LilySAxelrod October 15,

Want woman to use me

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