Want to be submissive tonight

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If you're looking to have a lovemaking experience that's a little less like The Notebook and a little more like Fifty Shades of Greythen it might be time to experiment with BDSM. Whips and chains may excite you, but if you're new to the world of BDSM, you don't necessarily have to pull out the bondage gear right away.

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Verbally taking on dominant and submissive roles is a great way to create a power dynamic in the bedroom, and you and your partner may already be using BDSM dirty talk phrases without even realizing it. BDSM holds no space for judgment. A healthy BDSM relationship can be cultivated with dirty talk, which allows you and your partner to explicitly state your desires. Constant communication is key to any healthy relationship, and these BDSM phrases will help get you started. In popular culture, doms are often portrayed as cruel and sadistic individuals who intend to make their partner feel uncomfortable or even humiliated rather than fulfilled.

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I'm looking at you, Mr. But BDSM takes on many forms, and while a dom is typically a person who likes to have the perceived power in a situation, receiving consent from their partner is still imperative. If you're looking to be the boss of the bedroom, these phrases will allow you to bring out your inner Dom.

I want to hear you beg for it. Despite what the name implies, being a sub is not all about submitting to a dominant partner's commands without question. A sub shouldn't be powerless in BDSM play unless they choose to be.

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Just like with doms, the role of sub is more nuanced than you might think. A dom seemingly has all the power, but a submissive partner is actually one setting the tone, as subs ultimately decide how much control they wish to surrender to a dom, as well as when to start and stop. If you're looking to initiate a sexual experience in which you relinquish some autonomy, these phrases will give your dominant partner guidance. BDSM is not an "either-or" situation. You may always take on the role of dom or sub, but other couples who partake in BDSM may alternate roles. Even if you like being in control, you might find taking on the submissive role to be just as satisfying.

Playing with power in the bedroom requires the consent of all parties, and with dirty talk, you can assure clear communication and shared expectations. Lola Jeansex educator and mental health professional. By Corinne Sullivan and Genevieve Wheeler. Updated: Sep. Originally Published: November 26, Dominant Dirty Talk. I want to feel your teeth on my skin. Search Close.

Want to be submissive tonight

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How to Be a Powerful Sexual Submissive