Virgin in need 18

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Our broadband speeds. Fibre broadband. Unlimited broadband. Business broadband. TV, broadband and phone. TV and broadband. Virgin TV and Sky Cinema. Virgin TV and Sports Channels. TV Boxes and apps. Asian TV channels. Virgin TV Channels. Virgin TV box. Landline packages. Landline calling features. Landline international calls.

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Broadband postcode checker. Switch to Virgin Mobile. Broadband Help. TV Help. Landline Help. Mobile Help. Moving Home. Help Getting Started. Self install broadband. Track Your Order. Return or Recycle Equipment. Take a look at our broadband deals and get a head start on finding the best package for you.

Don't need a phone service? Scale it back with our broadband only option. See all Broadband and phone deals. See all Broadband, TV and phone deals. Take a look at our fantastic broadband deals below. Virgin Media broadband uses the latest technology and a unique, thicker insulated cable that runs from the cabinet to your home, so you get a faster, more reliable connection.

Faster broadband means more high quality streams. With Virgin Media, streaming the best shows has never been smoother, even in 4K. When you compare broadband deals reliability is a huge factor. Which is good news, as our network is considered So our customers get less buffering in the middle of their favourite shows.

However busy your household is, you can find a broadband package to keep up with your streaming workload.

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From work-from-homers to hardcore gamers and video callers, our fibre broadband packages cater for everyone. From repairs and servicing at no extra cost to helping kids surf safely, we're on hand to boost your broadband experience. Servicing and repairs are included.

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So if something goes wrong with your Virgin Media kit and needs repairing, we'll take care of it without charging you a penny. Our broadband comes with Web Safe included, giving you the option to block access to unsuitable or potentially fraudulent sites. We've got speeds suitable for every household whether you're a casual browser and streamer, or your home is full to the brim of the latest smart home devices.

With our Fibre Broadband, the digital world is your oyster. Binge-watchers and film fans will want to stream plenty of dramas, without any drama from their broadband provider. Laptops, smartphones, smart TVs and smart speakers all take up broadband bandwidth. Someone might be watching YouTube in one room, while someone else is working online and streaming music at the same time. It all takes its toll on your broadband provider so it pays to have our best broadband deal, giving you our fastest speeds at our best prices.

Just tap in your address to see which deals are available in your area. Check my postcode to see what Broadband you can get with Virgin Media. Cram all the entertainment into your home with over channels, our ultrafast Fibre Broadband and inclusive weekend calls.

Check out the Big bundle for more information. Stay connected to the people you love and the devices you use to speak to them with our incredible broadband and phone deals. Choose the internet speed and price that suits you best. Explore Broadband and phone deals. We can give you the skinny on Virgin Media broadband only deals.

Much will depend on what your household enjoys doing, whether that includes gamingor YouTubing, lots of streaming or downloading for working from home. Explore Broadband only deals. You will need an active phone line. Fibre optic broadband — this is superfast broadband that is delivered by a fibre optic cable carrying your data at the speed of light. The length of contract on a broadband package is often connected to the type of deal or service you can expect to receive. Virgin Media currently offers 9, 12, 18 or 24 month contracts, and it is always worth weighing up the benefits and deals around and considering all the services you require, such as Sports channels, TV packages, the level of broadband speed you need or whether you might be moving homebefore you decide on starting a contract for one of our packages.

Which is why we are known for delivering ultrafast speeds you can rely on and test, and use to get your home whizzing along to the sound of your various devices. From our M50 broadband package all the way up to our fastest service, Gig1 Fibre Broadband, we offer an complete range of broadband connections for you to consider. Explore Virgin Media broadband speeds. Best thing to do is run a quick broadband speed checker to see that the speed your broadband provider is doing what they say on the tin and giving you all the grunt internet speed you really should be receiving.

We can offer you a quick speed test to find out. Your home, your rules. If you feel the burning need for a full sports, TV and phone bundles to go with your broadband, then we can help you with that at Virgin Media. Package all your entertainment, connection and landline needs together in a Virgin Media bundle. Combine epic TV with superfast broadband and our new Intelligent WiFi system, which maximises internet coverage in every corner of your house and for every device.

Get your broadband service and TV needs sorted in one go. Serve all your internet hungry devices and bring binge-viewing needs and film watching with Virgin Media TV Explore Broadband and TV deals. Stay connected to the people and things you love with some incredible broadband and phone deals. Check out our broadband and phone deals. Explore our broadband only deals.

We call it our Ultimate Oomph bundle. It is a competitive market out there and there are a few different areas to think about before you select the best broadband package for you and your family. Having strong and reliable internet at home has perhaps never been more important; with home schooling, home working and home entertainment commonly all crammed under one roof.

Here are three areas you should consider as key factors before you take the plunge and get closer to grabbing a new broadband deal:. Having a faster broadband speed has a positive impact on downlo on your devices. Also factor in, the faster your internet, the more people you can have online at the same time; crucial for those Zoom school moment while a parent or sibling is also working.

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Explore broadband speeds at Virgin Media. Many providers can offer you a bundle, where you can sort out you phone and TV services at the same time as getting a great broadband deal. Explore Virgin Media bundles. If you have a full house, or perhaps you are keen on downloading music or films, then you probably could use up a lot of data. Maybe even gigabytes at a time!

Virgin in need 18

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