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When a COVID cluster includes people who are vaccinated against the virus, we inevitably hear rumblings of complaint from people who wonder what the point is of vaccination. But when you look at how much the vaccines reduce your risk of developing severe illness that requires hospitalisation, the coverage is high for both. These antibodies are specific against the virus or pathogen for the vaccine and allows the body to fight infection before it takes hold and causes severe disease. How a person responds to a vaccine is impacted by a of host factorsincluding our age, gender, medications, diet, exercise, health and stress levels.

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Here's what to look out for. It also takes time for the immune system to respond to vaccines and produce antibodies.

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For most two-shot vaccines, antibody levels rise and then dip after the first dose. These antibodies are then boosted after the second. Of those vaccinated people who have reported symptoms, the vast majority report mild oneswith a shorter duration. There is always a chance a vaccinated person could pass the virus onto a non-vaccinated person without having symptoms themselves. This transmission will likely reduce again if both household members are vaccinated.

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But as the virus mutates, there is increasing chance of viral escape. This means there is a greater chance the virus will develop mutations that make it fitter against, or more easily able to evade, vaccinations. This means get vaccinated when you can, ensure you maintain social distancing when required and get tested if you have any symptoms.

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