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For teenagers, 16 is a magical .

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However, their inexperience, tendency to speed, and tendency to become distracted puts them at higher risk of getting into a car crash. In an attempt to keep newly d teens safer behind the wheelArizona teen driver laws require a multi-stage licensing process. The graduated driver licensing GDL program limits high-risk driving situations for new drivers. Unfortunately, not every new teen driver follows the law. A teenager with risky driving habits puts everyone at risk.

Their dangerous driving may cause death or injury to passengers in their vehicle, pedestrianscyclists, or other motorists.

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If you were hurt in a wreck caused by a teen driver, for a free consultation to go over your options. They can do this by visiting their local driver exam office with their parents and two forms of identification. They can only drive under the supervision of a d driver over 21 years of age that is seated next to them in the front passenger seat.

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After these requirements are met, teens then need to go back to the DMV to pass a road driving test with an examiner. Once all the tests are passed and the newly d driver has keys in hand, they have another six months of driving restrictions.

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Arizona Teen Driver Laws state that newly d teens:. These restrictions can be extended beyond six months, and their can be revoked if they are found guilty of willful misconduct or negligence while driving.

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In a Wreck? Need a Check? We Can Help.

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Tucson teen chat

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