Tired and need a friend

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Lately, she is more emotional in business meetings, getting angry with her peers and even tearing up in one long afternoon session. She contacted me to assess her emotional intelligence.

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She also said she has been stressed about work and not too happy about her life for quite a while. She has even considered leaving her job. From our conversation, I learned that Lisa has always had a difficult time maintaining a social network because of her work obligations.

She has also begun to question if the work she does is important enough. Yet she has no one to speak to about her concerns. Increasing isolation is a common occurrence for high-achieving women but rarely discussed or even recognized. Emotional support dwindles as they climb the corporate ladder and move away from friends and family for work.

As a result, they feel they have no one to talk to about difficult decisions or dilemmas. Their growing loneliness can take a toll on their courage, isolating them even more. They learn fast. They adapt easily. Yet like all humans, they need emotional support when the road gets bumpy. When high-achievers need someone to turn to but look around and no one is there, they begin to wonder if their hard work is worth it.

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Life feels confining and shallow. Lisa agreed to explore what she needed to do to feel more satisfied with her work and her life. We discussed her need to have a stronger sense of purpose. I gave her some questions to ponder about her mission and purpose before we met again.

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She knew this process could take time but she appreciated formal guidance to sort out these complicated questions. So I asked her again what was making her feel so angry. In the end, Lisa realized the abyss she felt she was living in she actually dug for herself. With no one to talk to, she only saw the world closing in on her. Once she quit beating herself up, she was better able to explore what steps she could take to rekindle a few friendships and take time off to reflect on how she could enrich her life with more meaningful connections and a little more fun.

Humans are social animals, not producing robots. What can you do this week to make and maintain friendships? San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler, It is becoming more common for men to experience similar phases as well. Marcia Reynolds, PsyD. She is the President of Covisioning, a leadership development firm.

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“I am so tired of having friends with perfect lives.”