Sweet sexy superstar

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All the elements were there for success.

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She has a brilliant debut album SexySweetSavage and she had a deafly loud crowd and a prime Saturday night time. The night was hers for the taking if she wanted it and, as it turns out, she did. She slid right on with the vibey Keep Onsliding in and out of dance moves with an effortless candour that set a positive tone for the night.

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This was never going to be a night about flashiness but Kehlani brought enough perks, like two backup dancers, to orchestrate screams. She looked like a superstar and her voice filled the hole room with a power that few have brought to the Enmore. Given how strong the songs are, that was really all we need to make it a perfect night. The phenomenal hook of Too Much was just as powerful in the live arena as we suspected while Get Like benefitted from a remixed, energetic bridge.

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At just 22 years of age, Kehlani has gone through more than many go through in a lifetime but if the SexySweetSavage was a statement of anything, it was a statement of her growth. She also brought up the same-sex marriage plebiscite which she learnt of while touring here. While the set was steadily brilliant throughout, it really took off around Undercover as the dancing, vocals and crowd energy all seemed to hit their peak. She thanked the crowd before the apt Thank You and then ramped up the attitude again for CRZY showing how easily she can dart in and out of genres. address:. View .

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Sweet sexy superstar

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