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I was a school counselor in a large high school in Northwest Arkansas, and the regular things that many teenagers do kinda made me feel a little… Continue reading Are you a helicopter or a lawn mower mama?

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Cole and I knew a few months ago that this summer was going to be a little different, and decided to focus on finding the fun in every day. I love my little old house, but with little old houses comes a lot of little old house problems. I bought our home a few years ago, and every summer have bought my home something nice….

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I so love the beginning of the year, even though we are big goal setters all year. Cole and I are going to map out his goals for… Continue reading Goal Digger I have laid awake many a night and wondered how on earth I am gonna pay that electric bill, or how I am going to manage raising that little person with all of his needs, and get my car fixed, and my air conditioning, and my plumbing.

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I took the doughnuts and myself upstairs, and sat down to have a good cry. My mom, forever my therapist, listened to me,… Continue reading Unglued on vacation. I used to be completely right brained, a lover of art and music, driven completely by my whims and emotions, then I became an educator.

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Because of the nature of my job, I had to kind of develop my left brain. I just sent a picture of a new book I got for myself for Christmas, Anxious for Nothing, by Max Lucado, to a friend who struggles with anxiety and self worth when she is this amazing mom, coworker, aunt,… Continue reading Oh Ye of Little Faith. I love the beach. There are specific VIPs in our life who do not love the heat my parents or we would just move there tomorrow.

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So this year, Cole and I were able to go not once, but twice to the ocean, which made my soul so very happy. I believe in vacationing for… Continue reading Letting Go. Older posts.

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Single momma no drama

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