Single lady wants her Spain charming

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The pressure to live up to a great and gorgeous woman can be too much for any guy to handle. So what does he look for? This self absorbed behavior might also make her shallow or less intelligent. Instead of conveying this message to his partner, he seeks it out in someone else.

No Drama: After a while, some relationships can get complicated. Sometimes a man just wants a mindless romp, no strings attached. So to get over this fear, he may cheat even though she is not. All this worrying and obsession leaves less time for a relationship and this is another self absorbed behavior that led a man to cheat. If he gets the same attention, he may feel inclined to return it. Busy also means intimate time may lapse and this might lead a man to seek attention somewhere else or to help him get release.

This one is plain and simple. It takes hard work to be committed, be involved and remain faithful. In fact, it usually makes things worse and could end an otherwise great relationship like those of Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock and Elizabeth Hurley. The best course of action before resorting to cheating is to talk to your partner, seek therapy, take a break, or admit that you need to move on and see other people.

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By admin Jun 24, Can diet play a role in sexual dysfunction? Sears Channel.

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Single lady wants her Spain charming

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The Spanish Love Deception