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I'd move to San Diego if I could afford it. I couldn't, so I moved to Austin. I love it here. I have family in Charleston, SC -- I wouldn't recommend going there unless you're in the medical field since there aren't many jobs otherwise. Originally Posted by tagraham. Okay, I'm going to write this quick because writing on forums is really not that high on my list of priorities, so excuse my lack of proper English etiquette.

I'm currently shopping around to find a new place to call home. One of the main problems I had was all the people that moved there looking for opportunity. I'm not mad at them because everyone wants to take advantage of opportunity, but it can get a little depressing when you see people invading your home town with no respect for the people or the environment. With that being said, another reason I am wanting to move is that I can't stand cold weather. The cold makes me want to crawl in a warm little hole, and not come out until spring or summer Okay, now to the point. I just wanted to make it clear that I am writing this post for a reason.

I'm looking at Oklahoma City because I have family there, but I'm looking at the other cities because of their propensity for warm weather, and younger crowds. So, now to Austin and why I titled my post the way that I did. Austin has been at the top of my list because when asking friends where they thought I would be the happiest, a lot of them said Austin. I immediately googled Austin and saw that it is one of the most desired places to live due to it's nightlife, college education system, warm obviously hot now that I haveand because of the opportunity that it brings. I've been reading and rereading posts on what people feel Austin has to offer, and what it does not, and I feel that most of the more factual posts tend to be true, and the more opinionated ones are just that; opinions.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I flew down to Dallas to meet up with a friend last week, and then we subsequently drove down to Austin for a 3 night stay in Austin. So, I do have a first hand of what downtown Austin is like. With all that being said, I'm still very unsure if Austin is the place for me. I've been weighing statistics on the various places I would like to move, and they all seem to offer great things, and they all seem to offer some not so great things.

The weather is beautiful in one place, but the economy isn't so great in another. I'm sure you get my point. Being a single guy, I keep thinking back to Austin as my first choice because of one reason, and one reason only; girls. The girls that I saw on 6th street were hot, and they were in abundance. In my opinion, I would have to say that the reason that Austin gets so much attention is because it sells youth, and it sells sex.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not an idiot.

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I'm not saying that Austin had sex shops on every corner, and that I saw prostitutes everywhere I didn't see a single one in Austin, even though there were bums on every corner, and I did see a prostitute in Dallasbut what I am saying is that people are flocking there because they are either: a. Downtown Austin was far from luxurious, but the nightlife was the best I have ever seen it definitely beats out D.

So, to make a long story kinda short, I want to move there because of all the hot chicks, and because I can't stand the cold weather. Case in point- I am a member of an online dating site, and when I search different cities to see what they have to offer in regards to single girls, Austin's girls are by far the hottest. So there you have it. My opinion is that there are so many people moving to Austin despite all the downsides that it has simply because people want to have a better sex life, and because they think that Austin is something that it is not By the way, if the economy ever gets better in Austin, I will be the first one there.

The nightlife was insane awesome. Last edited by CptnRn; at PM. Originally Posted by ImOnFiya. This sounds like ethnic politics, what does have to do with your question? Moderator cut: orphaned comments If you are here hunting for 'girls' you can't too successful because how you're going to rope a girl talking like that? Austin is a liberal town that won't tolerate that bz.

C'mon, boy. Last edited by RaleighLass; at PM. Reason: against terms of service. Okay, so maybe everyone wasn't clear on the point I was trying to make.

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Everyone got all riled up over the fact that I said something about "hot" girls. I was more or less trying to point out that Austin puts up a huge facade when it comes to the reality of the place. It's become a tourist attraction. People want to go there because they think that they are going to find a lover, and career, and everything else that comes with marketing a city for everything superficial. Originally Posted by atlanta hope. Last edited by tagraham; at PM. Moderator cut: off topic I do have a problem with illegal aliens.

And besides that, even though a good part of them only wanted to work and support their families, some of them brought gang members a heck of a lot of them and overran our schools with them. Google nun killed in Bristow, Va. That happed 5 minutes from where I used to live. An illegal alien was released from custody and Fed's were waiting to deport him. He was originally arrested because of a DUI Well, a few weeks later he was out driving drunk again, and hit a car with 3 nuns in it. One of them died. That's the crap we had to deal with, and that's why almost everyone I knew and grew up with moved from my hometown.

So, there it is. And about gay people. I don't have any problem with gay people.

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I'm not going to go around befriending them because quite frankly it doesn't fit my lifestyle, but they have every right to be just as happy as me. Moderator cut: off topic I'm trying to get the facts straight. Keep your emotions to yourself. Reason: off topic per terms of service. Thank you, Atlanta. I was hoping for some positive feedback. I'm pretty sure that San Diego would be a nice fit for me too, but you are right, it's way too expensive for me. A friend of mine wants me to move there with him, but I just can't do it. Maybe a long way down the road but not right now.

And you're right about Charleston. Another buddy of mind lives there and he loves it. The weather looks as though it is amazing, and it does offer a lot, but not in the way of job opportunities. What sense does that make?? Let me give a geography lesson: Texas is bordered by Mexico. The working base of Austin's economy is based on the labor of undocumented immigrants. Austin is a sanctuary city!!

And you're calling me slow Reason: off topic and rude - against the terms of service. You're the type of person that sits on here and waits to pick a fight with people trying to make a claim for moving, or not moving to Austin. Illegals are everywhere. We cracked down on them, and now there are much much fewer amounts. I brought up illegals because that is why I didn't like my hometown anymore. You were comparing me moving to your hometown to an illegal moving into mine. I know that you didn't know that was the case because I didn't state it to begin with, but that's the truth Our economy was the best in the country during the boom, and it was because of our construction, and the cheap work that illegals provided.

Do some research.

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You will find that we had way more illegals come into Virginia and the surrounding area than you did

Sexy austin singles

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