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If, of course, by "never-ending" you mean these 13 things Hang up the suit at Haulover Nude Beach Haulover Park The above serves as a welcome -- or warning -- to all who enter this quarter-mile stretch of Haulover Beach. Locals will tell you it's very likely someone will say hello, but you may wanna leave the selfie stick at home. And then that adult star is somehow standing next to you at the bar. How do you get to be a member? Share your wildest desires and take fetish-themed pictures then send them to the club.

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The more shocking, the better. But who cares? Pucker up at Lips Lips Florida address and info Ft. Lauderdale B is for don't get bitch slapped by Misty Eyes. If you want to get even naughtier, there's the late-night Saturday show called Taboo. It's like drag queens gone wild. Only guests 21 years old and over are invited.

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Though eating is typically the last thing on the mind of anyone in there past midnight. And what better place to do it than in degree water under the moonlight? Find the Naughty Rooster Naughty Rooster address and info South Beach It's the adult toy and fetish store in the heart of one of the sexiest places on Earth. People come in from a hot and steamy day on Miami Beach and finish it off with a stop at the Naughty Rooster on Lincoln Rd. The store promises to bring you a mighty selection of porn, toys, and costumes that could make your cry for mercy or Make Fun.

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