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PLOS is a nonprofit Open Access publisher, innovator and advocacy organization dedicated to accelerating progress in science and medicine by leading a transformation in research communication.

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The research landscape constantly evolves as researchers build on prior findings, incorporate new methods, resources, and technologies, and respond to the needs…. You find the ideal article online, but the specific methodologies are unclear. Following hours of laborious searching you find a defined outline….

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Announcing the winners and honorable mentions of the essay challenge, who will all present their ideas in a Reimagine Biomedical Research for a Healthier Future Symposium hosted by HRA on September…. PLOS has posted a report, along with accompanying data, on qualitative research about how researchers assess credibility and impact of research in different contexts….

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PLOS empowers researchers to engage with a variety of accessible altmetrics, and als of rigorous research practice, to more effectively showcase articles' strengths…. A research article is an orderly summation of a complex and circuitous process. It is characterized by detailed planning, iterative trial and….

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To help authors save time and effort…. The University of Cape Town UCT in South Africa is in a prime location to conduct oceanographic research and features a wealth of scientific expertise. However, as…. Filter Posts Search. Year All years George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm stable isotopes stalagmite standard parts standards StandUpForScience Stanford Star Trek startle response startup startup biotech statistical testing statistics STEM stem cells stethacanthus stevie moore storytelling strain engineering stratigraphy stress striatum Stroke structural MRI Stuart Card student Students studiospectre style Styracosterna submit Sugar summer reading Sun support vector machine survey surveying Susisuchus sustainability sustainable resource management SVP Swarm Robotics sweet potato swimming swine symbiosis symposium syn3.

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Sex dating in Jarreau

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Fetal Growth Restriction