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I'm a pretty and fit woman of color, full of energy, smiles and silliness. I'm hoping to meet a kind, compassionate person to spend time with. Vanessa Wichita, Kansas, US. I'm sweet and kind and caring and easy to get along with and easy to talk to,down to earth kind of girl feel free to text me ladies Ask for Vanessa. Im sweet and kind and caring.

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Candypussyxxx Wichita, Kansas, US. Jenwillmakesin68 Wichita, Kansas, US. Im new to wichita hoping to meet some friends. Airforce Wichita, Kansas, US. Looking for a one night stand. Shortty27 Wichita, Kansas, US. Looking for another women for me and my husband to play with if any questions message me. Looking for secret fun.

Kasperrenee Wichita, Kansas, US. Chubby 20 year old lesbian looking for woman of any age, size and race to have some fun with. Crissib Wichita, Kansas, US. Just want to try girl on girl action for the first time, gotta be in Wichita. Lol I'm checking out this site for friends! Shug Wichita, Kansas, US. I am very down to earth love to travel hardworking love to enjoy life. Jacky Wichita, Kansas, US. Is my first time I like to try. I just wanna have some fun. Cateyes Wichita, Kansas, US. I need fun in my life. Anita10t Wichita, Kansas, US.

Am Berry from Accra I love to meet new ladies and have fun am the easy going type. Elizbeth65 Benton, Kansas, US. Looking for woman for lesbian experience. Please teach me. Must be in Wichita KS area. BiancaC US. Stuff may not be here next time. I'm lesbian duh! Full disclosure is below. It is an onerous diatribe and I will buy a drink for any who will read it all. I'll add to it here as time goes on. About Me: Professional who likes outdoor activities involving my family - and a soccer taxi. I love my family and spend time keeping and making new friends.

I enjoy reading in my downtime. And yes, of course, as a lesbian I would like to chat with you. These can include reasonable debates and even awkward conversations. Once you get over the early hellos, we all can be on the way to becoming friends of even a special kind here. Religion: I will never belittle another's firmly held beliefs. But then, they should reciprocate in kind. Much of what remains, then, is rust and stardust. But what I don't abide is junk science to validate bogus claims for delusional people who won't admit being wrong.

Donald - Pay Attention. Political Views: Research without insight is mere repetition. Insight without research is mere making stuff up. Jef Mallett tRump take notice. Plan ahead dude! Gun rant There were about 1. Now you would think that since Mother Nature is really trying to hit people, she'd be a better shot.

Over the same period there were accidental deaths caused by handguns - go figure. Antonin Scalia's decisions on gun ownership has resulted indirectly of course in more deaths than caused by vehicles during the first two months of Full implementation of 'automatic automobiles' self driving will result in death by bullets in USA to be ificantly more than those caused by automobiles -- go figure.

More stats? Look at annual of deaths caused by bullets in Australia. They don't get killed by lightning as much either. Correlation is suspect End of rant. There is no need to update above stats. They will just be grimmer as years pass. We now return you to your normal activities.

If everybody would refrain from re-electing incumbents we would have a new set of neer do wells, evil doers, corrupt politicians and just another do nothing congress to complain about. Will Rodgers One who acquires political beliefs early in life and rarely changes any of them is incapable of learning from experience. What kind of a member of congress or senate [or executive branch] with that inbred problem would be of any practical use. Truman - If your quest is a wonderful woman, be of stout heart and stalwart character Prejudice is built on misinformation, faulty thinking and irrational thought.

Its not that I don't have work to do every day, its just that I don't want to do it every day. When God made little boys. She made them out of string; She found She had a bit too much so She left a little thing. When God made little girls, She made them out of lace.

She found She didn't have enough; so She left a little space. This little bit of space makes all the difference in the world. Books: I love biographical, science oriented and thought provoking books such as by Steven Pinker, Brian Green.

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Read The Martian before you see it or for procrastinators - afterward. I hand out copies of Packing for Mars Roach to friends and teens. The series of "50 ideas you really need to know" is wonderfully time consuming. Sort of the CliffsNotes for Everything. And of course erotica literature -- art ya know.

Movies: Don't have time nor can afford to see them until they come out on Netflix. By that time I've lost the passion whipped up by distribution marketing and who knows who won wot at the Academy last time. Television: We watch Madam Secretary and all of the series of Newsroom.

The first because there is little public sex or violence and includes an instructable but hardly believable family environment. It also is a great role model for young girls as the lead actress routinely kicks presidential butt.

The second because of the terrific script writing and the impeccable acting. Of course it was cancelled I watch Fox TV for the varnished alternative truths. There must be a reason why they don't support nor suggest ANY fact checkers. Music: If eyes are the entry to the soul, music is the framework. Especially in a pool undercover of a dark night. Favorite Sports: Soccer is one.

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I love to see guys survive rugby and women's Lacrosse. Who doesn't want to drive a race car fast or watch them come apart when they hit a wall at mph.

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Big races Indy, Watkins Glen, Talladega, etc. Activities: Hiking, backpacking, skiing and kayaking so that a young girl I love so very much can have the chance to become aware of the wonders of our planet the same way I did.

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