Seeking dominant tops

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Added: Craigory Bail - Date: How do I find a Dom? Hey there! The first step in finding a Dominant is going where they are. The good news is that kinksters are everywhere. The hardest part, especially for submissives, is putting yourself out there and talking to people. Plenty of submissives, and I include myself in this, are worried about being rude or offending a Dominant.

They want to become friends first and get to know you as much as you want to get to know them.

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Plenty of Dominants like it when you show initiative. Realize that the first Dominant you meet and enter into a relationship with might not be your forever Dominant.

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You may realize you have different needs or goals in life. Your kinks may be too mismatched to overcome. Or you may simply realize this person is nice but not someone you want to be with forever.

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These are all red flags of problems in the relationship and in your power exchange. This is probably the most important step in the whole process to live the life you want as a submissive.

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Every month I'll update you on the latest from Submissive Guide and you'll get first access to new resources, offers and events. Sincerely, Looking for a Dom Hey there! Use Fetlife or good old Google to find your local munch and attend a few. Find someone on the largest 3 million members BDSM personals network. FREE up! Make real-time hookups now!

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Seeking dominant tops

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