Rocking Boston tonight

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Tree played heavy music and spoke its mind on the political and social issues of the day; the band may very well have become Rage Against the Machine had that group never existed. River himself posted a message on Facebook seeking extra tickets to cover family and friends.

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Another post from a fan is offering cash and tickets to a Red Sox - Yankees game in exchange for a way in. Those shut out of the Middle East show can catch the band earlier today when Tree performs at the Freedom Rally on the Boston Common at 5 p. Before Tree was a band, its members - including drummer Billy Hinkley, guitarist Ooze also known as Bryan Hinkleyand bassist Jake Westwood - were friends growing up in Westwood.

Bassist Westwood recalls being on the same Little League team as River. The confluence of metallic riffs, punk urgency, and lyrics about environmentalism, police brutality, the labor movement, and the Christian Right set Tree apart from its peers, for good and ill. Cherry Disc and Wonderdrug, two local record imprints, released seven Tree albums between and Our band is Boston. We did it on our own and it spiraled out bigger and bigger, then smaller and smaller. We never really broke up.

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But everyone burned out. River took on his current moniker as Dave Tree and focuses on visual arts alongside a few low-commitment music projects. Westwood moved to the Cape to raise his two daughters and focus on his construction work. After touring as a guitar tech and adjunct player with Clutch, Ooze rekindled a musical relationship with his brother and they formed Never Got Caught, which has new music coming out later this year.

Tree is reuniting now basically to perform one last time with Honkeyball, whose drummer is moving to Las Vegas. Scott McLennan can be reached at smclennan gmail. Listen Live. Kayana Szymczak for The Boston Globe. By Scott McLennan.

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Rocking Boston tonight

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