Older friends with benefits

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Once thought to be reserved for the young, unwilling to commit themselves to a long-term, exclusive relationship, casual friendly sex among older divorced or widowed seniors is becoming more common than one might think. Not everyone though, is cut out for casual dating; at any age, it can be confusing and painful if one partner wants a deeper emotional relationship than the other. But with open discussion and honesty it can be wonderful for mature adults to enjoy added friendship benefits with someone they like and are attracted to but may never want to marry or even date.

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But before jumping into bed with an ex-boyfriend at your next high school reunion or hooking up via Facebook, remember to buy condoms. While pregnancy may no longer be a concern, older adults are not immune from sexually transmitted diseases.

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In fact, incidences of STDs is on the rise among seniors, especially those living in retirement communities where many residents are having sex with multiple partners without using protection. According to the CDC, since the rate of syphilis among seniors has spiked by 52 per cent and chlamydia is up 32 per cent. For more information about safe sex for seniors, follow this link to the Health in Aging safe sex tip sheet.

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Older friends with benefits

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Friends With Benefits at 50+