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Listed in www. ed 9 years ago. About Nudist Compass Settings. Yes No. Polemi Beach. Nude beach. Find on Google Maps. Polemi Beach, also known as Exotic Beach, is a remarkably easy-to-access nude beach located on the southern coast of Kos, about 6 kilometers west of the island's airport.

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As you drive up to the beach, you'll see a collection of about two dozen thatched beach umbrellas, each of which has a small wind screen behind it. Sunbeds can be rented in this area, and the vendor condones nudity.

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East of the umbrellas to the left when facing the seathe beach extends over two more kilometers with no public points of access, and you do not have to go far before the beach becomes virtually deserted. It is possible to be naked on almost all of this stretch, although visitors are advised to keep clear of the military area at the far east end.

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Unless you are planning on walking for half an hour, you are in no danger of getting that far. Most visitors to Polemi Beach go nude, both at the umbrella area and on the remote stretch to the east. There is always ample space on this beach, and even at times when all the sunbeds are full in July and August, the beach is never crowded.

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A wonderful place. The restaurant is very good too. Apart from over the sunbeds there is no shade. Anonymous5 years ago.

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Lovely beach very quite. Great beach. People are not afraid to go wild. Young couples are having sex after dawn. Please come watch us and why not us .

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Nudist sex kos

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