Nice guy looking for a normal girl

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If you would ask a thousand women what kind of guy they are looking for, most of them would tell you - a nice guy who will treat them right. But is this really the truth? What exactly does it mean when a woman says "I just want a nice guy"?

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The majority of men who have no success with women are nice guys. And there is actually nothing wrong with being nice. When a woman tells you she wants a nice guy, she will probably not have the same definition of the word as you. She really is looking for a nice guy, but guys who try to be nice will often misinterpret what she means by that.

The problem is that they act like complete wimps around her by doing everything to please her. A woman who is searching for a "nice guy" is definitely not asking to be put on a pedestal. She is looking for a man with strong character who treats her nice. How many times have you heard a guy saying this: "If only she would be with me, I would do everything for her! I would treat her right, not like the guys she is always dating "? Now don't get me wrong. Women are wonderful and all, but they are also human beings and do not want your worshiping, treating them "right" or doing everything for them.

When you put a girl on a pedestal, you are telling her that she has much more value than you. And if you think she would like that, then think again; no woman wants that!

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The truth is: if you take a closer look at what's really going on, you will realize that there is a logical pattern in her behavior. A woman doesn't need a man who is desperately trying to do everything for her, she needs a man who is in control of his own emotions and can support her when she feels vulnerable. She needs a person she can trust and count on when needed. That's why you can not afford to be the one who brings less value to the relationship.

If you rid yourself from the thought that a woman is someone like a goddess and start facing the reality — she is just a normal human being — you will start treating her that way. And isn't this a relieving feeling? Nice guys nowadays believe firmly that women are only attracted to jerks.

Many nice guys even go so far by blaming them for it.

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Sure, there are some girls who are attracted to jerks but blaming them for it, is just unacceptable! No woman in her right mind wants a jerk who will physically and mentally abuse her. The only reason these women find jerks attractive is because he conveys some alpha male characteristicstraits, the nice guy totally lacks this is also a reason why women prefer jerks over nice guys.

If nice guys would stop blaming women, look at what the jerk does right and take some responsibility by starting to improve their situations, they would instantly become more attractive to the opposite sex. Basically, you could identify main traits in a man that women are attracted to. If you want to learn more about them, I suggest you take a look at the Girlfriend Activation System. It will teach you everything that you need to know about what makes someone attractive to women, and like the name already says, helps you to get a girlfriend if that's what you want.

Alpha is the mid path between overlimit good and overlimit bad. Quite frankly I think women are just hard wired to have their children with an alpha douche bag then find a beta nice guy to help her raise them. The alpha male will never experience real love with her and the beta male will never experience mind blowing sex with her. Although I agree with you on some points, I don't really see it as black and white as you do. Both of your "never" examples are possible, and in fact, happen a lot.

This is going to be end of my day, but before ending it, I am going to read this impressive article to improve my knowledge. She may say conscious that she wants to have a good guy that does things for her.

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There's nothing bad about that, but most people dont know what it is she would like. They overdo everything.

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On the other hand she own the unconscious mind which wants a confident men, a good healthy dominance and be spanked in bed. What would you guys think if you found out there was a seduction cumtonimy that teaches guys how to meet,attract,and pickup random women off the street that really works?

Before you make a harsh judgement I want you to take these factors into. Most of the guys in this cumtonimy are short or ugly,or maybe not even bad looking but the kind of guys you see sitting at the corner of the bar all by themselves looking around,probably never had many girlfriends and have no social skills whatsoever? Women have cosmo,and numerous other resources to talk about and getting a good man. Thinking about it that way,do you guys really think its such a bad thing? This cumtonimy exists and its taking a horrible bashing from the media.

I agree with you. People bash the seduction community too much without taking a deeper look at it. Yes it's true, that there are jerks even in the community, but most guys are good people and want to improve themselves.

I think the community is starting to take a turn to a better direction because most programs teach guys about self development, something that the average Joe would never think of - to rise above mediocrity and become a better person. That's my goal and the women who I attract with this are a "nice bonus". Iv been meeting SOOOO many girls than i have ever meet before by using this game of seduction, its not that i want to get laid its that i want to feel the attraction with women.

Do you think its wrong that i use these methods on women to attract them or do you think i should be myself and act normal rather than making most girls in encounter attracted to me fir hi' i leanred this fomr PUA training. The PUA stuff is great for beginners to meet new people but it's just a band-aid solution. You should work on your inner game, so the girls you attract stay attracted. Your blog is fine.

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I simply want to touch upon the de. Its too loud. Its doing approach an excessive amount of and it takes away from what youve got to say which I think is basically important. I dont know in the event you didnt suppose that your words may maintain everyones consideration, but you have been wrong. Anyway, in my language, there usually are not a lot good source like this. The Problem with Being Nice First, let's address a problem most guys struggle to understand.

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So, now that we cleared this one up let's address a much bigger problem. What are Women Actually Attracted To? Yes, success with women is only a minor part of being an alpha male. Thanks, Jay! Thank you! I've been a nice guy half my life. Personally i belief that people have to stimulate her unconscious and conscious level. Getting a good mix of both does miracles. Search for:.

Nice guy looking for a normal girl

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Normal nice guy looking for normal nice gal