Needing her company

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Fundbox is a small business that helps other small businesses get the funds they need to grow. Entering the giveaway is simple! No up or purchase required. If you enter, you could be featured on our blog in an upcoming article about hard-earned business lessons. One winner will receive one of these classic business books every month for a year! Do you want to learn the tips and tricks successful people used to get to where they are?

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The tome is mostly a collection of interviews with more than successful folks from all walks of life, all of whom offer up personal productivity advice and other insights about their careers. Tools of Titans is broken into three sections: Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise. If so, you might find it liberating to learn that you do have the power to change these perceptions. Carol Dweck, Ph. She argues that our mindset dictates our behavior. Business success, per Dweck, starts with having the right outlook on our capabilities, which is made possible with a growth mindset.

What makes people say yes?

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The book teaches the six universal principles of persuasion, according to Cialdini, how you can use those to influence customer behavior, and what you can do to protect yourself from being subconsciously persuaded. Written around B. The book is divided into 13 short chapters, each which explores a different facet of warfare. For example, Sun Tzu recommends keeping your plans secret.

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If your enemy i. What might that mean for your business? Sun Tzu also recommends building a team full of talented people and training and treating them well—advice you can apply to your small business right now. Eighty percent of small businesses fail. A big reason for that is that being incredibly proficient in a craft is not the same thing as running a business.

Originally published inThe E-Myth Revisited is an updated entrepreneurial guidebook written by Michael Gerber that explores why so many small businesses fail and gives entrepreneurs tips on how they can avoid suffering a similar fate. For Gerber, small business success requires a delicate balance of three distinct personalities: the technician i.

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All small business owners possess each of these three skill sets; building a successful company starts with leveraging all of them. Successful companies are also built on repeatable processes more so than great products and proven business models. To thrive as a leader, executives need to figure out how to get the right things done. For Drucker, effective executives have great time management skills. Effective executives prioritize and make the right decisions at the right times.

Pick up this classic management book to find out how. Do you want to be a leader who inspires your team? Apple employees, for example, are inspired by the opportunity to create game-changing products that improve the lives of countless customers around the world. Compare this to companies that started by answering the question what, i. Why does your business exist?

Successful businesses, per Sinek, are inspired by a sense of purpose and meaning the why and work backward to figure out the how and the what. Let her insights into what one of the most talented living dancers has done to harness her creativity and take her craft to the next level inspire your own success. Once a successful salesman, Carnegie eventually left his sales career and took up public speaking, and the advice from his seminars was compiled into this book.

Read it and learn how to get people to like you, how to convince others that your reasoning is the right way of looking at an issue, and how to change folks without them hating you for it. One important takeaway from the book? If you want to change someone, avoid criticizing them. Written by cognitive scientist Dr. In order to succeed, you need to cut through the noise and make sure that your key messages hit home—and stay there. To do this, Dr. Simon suggests leveraging 15 variables that can influence memory—like context, emotion, repetition, cues, and surprise.

Pick up the book to learn how your small business can create lasting memories for your audience—persuading them to act as you want them to act at a future date. Originally published inGuerilla Marketing is filled with a wealth of real-world tips and tricks small business owners can use to take their marketing game to the next level.

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Whereas traditional marketing wisdom used to suggest big budgets and lots of resources are requisites for success, author Jay Conrad Levinson thinks otherwise: Every time your small business interacts with anyone outside of your company is an opportunity to market your products and services.

It does, however, require ificant amounts of time and a bit of cunning. Instead of buying expensive in a newspaper or magazine—or even online—devise a clever PR stunt for your small business to get coverage for free. Similarly, instead of trying to get new people to buy your products with a well-deed ad or banner, give them away for free to generate interest.

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Bottom line? What worked for small businesses 30 years ago no longer applies. A little creativity and a willingness to invest your time in unconventional marketing endeavors can go a long way toward the success of your small business. No -up required to win. To see full details and rules. In our series, Humans of Fundbox, we feature some of the incredible folks within our company and give them space …. This month, several Fundbox executives made the news. We recently closed a round …. Fundbox developed a payment and credit service for small businesses serving other businesses SMB2B called Fundbox Pay, however this product ….

On to the List! Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss Do you want to learn the tips and tricks successful people used to get to where they are? A growth mindset says we can improve ourselves every day. We all have the ability to become better and better.

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Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Dr. Robert Cialdini What makes people say yes? Gerber Eighty percent of small businesses fail. How do your managerial style and business foundations stack up? The Effective Executive by Peter F. Successful companies are built on a foundation of repeatable processes. Everything from creating code to writing a blog to filling out a spreheet should be repeatable. All of your meetings should have a purpose. Use performance reviews to actually improve performance by focusing on the important things and ignoring the unimportant things.

Successful managers know how to delegate effectively. Impossible to Ignore by Dr. Carmen Simon Written by cognitive scientist Dr. Guerilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson Originally published inGuerilla Marketing is filled with a wealth of real-world tips and tricks small business owners can use to take their marketing game to the next level. Ready for more? Apply for funding and find out if you qualify today.

Apply Now. Top articles to read next:. By Eyal Shinar September 10, More Articles. Want to learn more? Subscribe to Fundbox Forward for expert insights and tips every week so you can grow.

Needing her company

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