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Tranquility Massage Therapy gives you a renewed experience through our massages. We are committed to ensuring that you get the pain and stress relief that you have been wanting all in one place. Our massage therapist offers a wide variety of massage services all tailored to your specific needs. To take advantage of our massage services, feel free to contact or visit us at Tranquility Massage Therapy today. Swedish Massage - This is our basic relaxation massage. Pressure ranges from light to firm depending on your preference. This is a great massage for first timers and general overall mind and body escape.

Deep Tissue Massage - This massage incorporates swedish techniques with a little bit more focus on problematic areas, delving a little deeper into the muscle tissue. Prenatal Massage - This is a wonderful massage treat for all you mothers to be. We offer side-lying positions that support both you and the baby while the therapist can work on any achy spots that love to correlate with pregnancies. Zenergy Massage - A relaxing swedish massage infused with Reiki to help balance the energy pathways of your body. A treat for the mind, body and spirit!

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Reflexology - Also known as zone therapy, this relaxing technique focuses on the feet to relieve aches and pains throughout the body. A great form of relaxation for people who don't really enjoy full massages.

Aromatherapy - Master all of your senses with this massage. Effleurage movements coupled with your scent choice of our essential young living oils that are defused into the air, and our hot towel treatment that will put your mind and muscles at ease. Hot Stone Massage - Need deeper work but don't like the intense feeling of a deep tissue massage? This is the perfect one for you.

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The heat therapy melts away muscle tension, while taking away the stress from the day. Chocolate Decadence Massage - If you love the scent of chocolate this is the way to go. All the benefits of a swedish massage with chocolate scrubs on the hands and feet, followed by a chocolate balm and topped off with our hot towel treatment All the benefits of a swedish massage with pumpkin and spice scrubs on hands and feet, followed by a pumpkin balm and topped off with our ature hot towel treatment. Bring on the pumpkin!

Pure Indulgence - If you are in the mood for ultimate relaxation look no further Enjoy this deeply relaxing Swedish massage thats full of all the extras! Your get to indulge in aromatherapy, hot stones, hot towels, sugar scrubs on your feet followed by the warmth of paraffin on your feet.

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