Love the white bois

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Scientists studying U. The findings, described in the journal Science Advances, suggest that young boys exposed to people of different backgrounds may grow up to be more liberal-minded adults. As diversity rises in the U. Southern California air quality officials are imposing new rules on nearly 3, warehouses, citing increased pollution from diesel truck traffic.

Recent history in the U. On the campaign trail, Trump courted voters with rhetoric frequently deemed racist or xenophobic.

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It was Trump supporters who led the deadly Jan. But many researchers argue that the negative reactions to diversity, including discrimination and social and political instability, are short-term effects — and that diverse societies can grow to be very successful in the long run.

Interpersonal relationships are key to that goal, scientists say. These bonds between individuals across different ethnic groups can help reduce prejudice and lead to more social harmony. As wildfires decimate the giant sequoia, California faces unprecedented loss. This kind of contact may be especially powerful when those bridges between people are built in adolescence, psychologists say. Studies have typically measured the effects of this kind of contact within a matter of days.

For this paper, Enos and his colleagues took a much longer view, combining cutting-edge machine learning techniques with U. Workers went door-to-door collecting personal information for residents, including name, age, gender, race, place of birth, years of education, labor earnings and employment status. The scientists then used an algorithm to match as many people from the census as they could with voter file data from California inNorth Carolina in and both states plus Nebraska in These three were the only states where citizens provide their place of birth when registering to vote, making it easier to match files.

But inthese same folks were living all over the U. They focused on men, who typically kept the same name throughout their lives. Women, who often changed their surnames after marriage, were harder to track. This meant that the scientists could get an extremely fine-grained look at which individuals had an immediate neighbor of another race. After examining the records for more thanwhite men, the researchers found that those who lived next door to Black neighbors in their youth were 1. They were also less likely to be registered Republicans by about the same amount.

Given that Democratic affiliation is associated with more racially liberal politics, the researchers said it may reflect a more liberal outlook on the part of white men who grew up with Black neighbors. The scientists also ran separate analyses to for other possible confounding factors: whether some progressive white families chose to live near Black neighbors; whether some Democrats were more conservative holdovers from the era of the Southern Democrat, before desegregation and the civil rights era motivated many white Democrats to move to the Republican Party; and whether the effect held in rural areas, where homes were spaced farther apart.

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In all cases, the pattern held. While the percentages may seem small, they have the potential to make a ificant impact, especially when multiplied by the millions of people who lived in the U. Some research has shown that having greater proportions of another group in a community can be associated with more negative intergroup attitudes — or greater perceptions of threat posed by that other group, she said.

Simply living in the same neighborhood, no matter how diverse that neighborhood is, may not qualify as real contact. Tyrone Formana sociologist at the University of Illinois at Chicago, sounded a note of caution, pointing out that the study assumes that neighbors of different races had some meaningful interaction. And although living side-by-side with people of other races or ethnicities may have long-term social benefits, American society may not be integrated enough to take advantage of them, he added. Big drop in U. All Sections. About Us. B2B Publishing. Business Visionaries.

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A man drops off a ballot during early voting in Athens, Ga. A new study finds that white boys who grew up with Black neighbors were more likely to register as Democrats 70 years later. By Amina Khan Staff Writer. California As wildfires decimate the giant sequoia, California faces unprecedented loss.

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Love the white bois

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