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The situations have ranged from living with one other person to living with eight roommates boy, was that one an adventure — but one of the things you learn when you live in a wide variety of situations is how to identify the s your roommate is bringing you down. Inthe percentage was at 5. According to a study from real estate site Trulia via the Chicago Tribunethe average renter living in most major cities can save 13 percent of their paycheck just by living with roommates.

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Alas, though, not all roommates are good roommates. But consider being able to identify this fact a good thing: Now that you know, you can start planning to change up your living situation. There's always a silver lining, right?

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Here are a few indications that you might want to look for a new roommate soon. Are you constantly trying to find reasons not to be home? Or do you feel like never leaving your room when you are home? It might be your roommate. Research has found that in academic settings, having roommates with not-so-great habits — binge drinking, prioritizing playing video games over other necessities, etc. Or money for utilities, or money for communal apartment staples toilet paper, cleaning supplies, food if you share it, etc.

One solution to the problem? Get it in writingideally in advance. The study found that in mice, the genes of cage mates ificantly affected mouse health with regards to three different traits: Anxiety, immune system response, and rate of skin wound closure. Still, though. How weird is that? While it's true that everyone has to make compromises and adjust certain behaviors when they live with other people, these compromises and adjustments should feel reasonable — not anxiety-creating.

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After all, where else can we be ourselves but at home in our own spaces? According to research, roommates can negatively affect our sleep habits, particularly if you happen to share a room with someone else: In a study published in Psychology Reports, disturbances in the room was the top reason 76 college students in the Midwest cited for not getting enough sleep. Notably, all of the study participants shared a dorm room with one other person.

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Even if you have your own rooms, though — say, in a suite or apartment setup — it can be hard to adjust for multiple schedules. The music your roommate likes sucks. Their taste in TV shows sucks. What's more, it's probably not making for a great living situation for your roommate, either. Either way, this is a big that the whole thing is getting toxic. Keep your butt covered, but do whatever you have to do to get yourself into a situation that works for you.

By Lucia Peters. Good luck.

Looking for roommate gf

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