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So grab the mic, knock back a drink and prepare to belt out one of these surefire hits. Listen to these songs on Amazon Music. Sung in a gracious middle key Eb, as the preview screen helpfully reminds you rather than Prince's frequent falsetto squeal, it should allow you to bare your soul without any embarrassing high-register mishaps.

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Lurking behind the shimmery Nordic production of this megahit is a great soul ballad. The lyrics are famously nonsensical, owing to Swedish producer and songwriter Max Martin's tenuous grasp of English, but poetry's beside the point when you've got one of pop music's catchiest choruses.

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Released inthis song was his first charting single, the one that laid the foundation for decades of battered blue jeans and working-class anthems. Whitney's smash remains an invigorating blast of lovelorn pop glory, her powerful, agile voice soaring effortlessly over spritely synths and funk-syncopated guitar.

The whole thing makes the achingly lonely search for a dance floor soulmate sound like the best Friday night ever. Of course, nobody's alone at karaoke. Especially if you nail that third-act key change. There is a great tradition in pop of pairing seductive female voices with weird dudes who just talk. I suppose you could throw "Drunk in Love" in that category, too. The Bs are the ultimate example of this. All those who can't carry a tune in a wheelbarrow, you should thank your drunky stars for the karaoke salvation of Fred Schneider's sprechstimme.

You might need a couple ringers on stage to help with the Kate and Cindy parts of this chorus, but they'll never steal the spotlight from your sassy barking. No karaoke outing is complete without a teary moment, and here's yours, courtesy of the classic "Stand by Me," which has been covered more than times no, we're not including your karaoke version in that count.

Written by Ben E. King with song gods Leiber and Stoller, the song has its roots in a gospel standard called "Lord Stand by Me," and certainly its reach goes beyond regular pop romance—as evidenced by its inclusion in the right of passage movie Stand by Me. Watch, listen, sing, cry—oh, and enjoy. Lorde's unexpected breakthrough was game changer for pop music, though it remains a kind of karaoke dare.

Take away the voice and what's left? Some finger snaps and stark synthetic drums. There are no great string swells to hide behind, no opportunities for air guitar antics, no climactic key changes. It's like Run-D. And yet, because of the subject matter, your skill matters not. We are not pop stars. But here, in the bar, "Let me live that fantasy. No, we will not let you go! Sassy ladies and hey, gents tooyour moment has arrived! Bribe your friends. When it comes to musical moments in Top Gunthe greatest is undeniably Kenny Loggins's "Playing with the Boys" set against the homoerotic gloss of a beach volleyball game, but Cruise and Goose crooning the Righteous Brothers in a bar is probably more remembered.

That scene is the genesis for every impulse to dial up this doo-wop in a karaoke parlor, because a fighter-jet movie remains more relevant than blue-eyed balladry produced by Phil Spector half a century ago. It's cheesy and effective, like Cruise himself. But heed the warning of Goose: "She's lost that loving feeling? I hate it when she does that. Michael McDonald is the Christopher Walken of cocaine-dusted soft rock—everyone can and loves to do an impression of him, good or bad. He has a voice like a lumberjack's beard after eating a bucket of fried chicken, both scruffy and oily.

To mimic it, pretend you are Chewbacca stepping into an ice bath up to your privates. More so than his Doobie Brothers gems, this bedroom jam offers a plethora of McDonald vocal tics, oodles of vowel schmears and breathy trembling. Bonus points if you can freestyle some verses from Warren G's "Regulate" on top of that sailboat groove. Right off the bat, you get the chorus: "They tried to make me go to rehab!

The audience will know immediately what you are singing, and they will respond, "No, no, no! Sobriety is to this tune what satanists are to gospel. If you don't fall off the stage by that final "I won't go," spilling into a cocktail table, ending the night in stains, you did it wrong.

Okay, so this song made its name on its monster guitar riff. Plus, there are so many different remixes of this track—featuring folks like Billy Ray Cyrus, Young Thug and members of South Korean boy band BTS—that you could probably sing multiple versions in a single night. Every human should be able to recite at least one couplet from this global smash, do so without shame. Yes, the song is so stupid in so many ways, but it's also a stone-cold specimen of pristine pop.

Word to your mother. You must be awake. You must be able to read. The barrier to entry is low for this karaoke song, making it one of your easiest and best options for some sophomoric fun. But really, in the spirit of the song, there are no rules.

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If someone tries to tell you otherwise, throw a pie in their face. Just the sound of those opening piano chords is enough to send anyone with ears into a swoon, such is the singular beauty of this Goffin and King classic. The question is, do you have the pipes—or the chutzpah—to take it on? Sing it like a queen, or not at all. There are few things quite so rare and precious in life as those places and people that feel like home way down in your bones, and this cute, stompy duet from hits the nail squarely and sweetly on the head with its heartfelt chorus: "Home is wherever I'm with you.

A guaranteed stomp-along classic. File this one firmly under "utterly ridiculous," and enjoy every juicy second of it, from the deep-voiced "jitterbug" intro to the seemingly nonsensical chorus George Michael told an interviewer back in the day that the line was lifted from a note Andrew Ridgeley left for his parents via its ecstatic pop grooves. The song was released in and sums up the garish sunny side of the '80s to a T. For that matter, consider it your civic duty to go check out the video that features Michael and Ridgeley in iconic "Choose Life" T-shirts and teeny-tiny shorts.

Inthe Bee Gees scored eight No. By the end ofdisco records were being detonated in baseball stadiums and radio stations promoting "Bee Gee Free Weekends. So they wisely hid behind other artists. The plastic country of "Islands in the Stream," a disguised Gibbs brothers tune that topped the charts insounds just like a cheap karaoke edition of a Bee Gees song that happens to have two country idols on top.

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Legendary Apollo Theater performers like Robinson would rub a lucky tree stump before heading out on the stage. Find the nearest arboreal equivalent most likely some formica paneling and go for it. And the slow, steady tempo gives you plenty of room to croon, back-phrase and otherwise make the song yours. No karaoke night is complete without a salute to the song that started it all.

Select this song for karaoke, and be prepared to go the distance with its delivery: not recommended for work parties. That's Rock of Ages, you say? Look, all Def Leppard smashes are the same, sex-craved kaiju with kick drums like empty cargo ships and blue balls falsetto, glossed up in producer Mutt Lange's Wall of Hairspray sound. You can gunter glieben glauten globen over any damn one you please.

As you stand there onstage, looking around the bar for packets of sugar to dump on your head for dramatic effect, the heretofore unrealized inanity of the lyrics really sinks in. The song rhymes "tramp" with "video vamp. Shut off your brain and air guitar. What it does need, however, is some pretty fast talking.

To impress the rest of the bar, make sure you got the lyrics on lock—or maybe the support of your personal Kelly Rowland, Letoya Luckett and LaTavia Robertson. Few karaoke songs allow you to unleash your inner man diva more fully than this thumping dance-pop gem. You can cruise along in a comfortable midrange during the verse, but watch out for that sharp turn into falsetto land at the end of the chorus. And while the track might be a gay anthem, anyone can relate to its timeless "You can't tell me who to love" message. Tackle this tune, and karaoke respect will be yours.

There are three voices of Axl Rose: the Banshee "Sha-na-na-na-knees! Well, there is now also the Blob, but we do not acknowledge post-Slash Axl. In the best G'N'R songs, the doo-rag diva of Indiana phases through all three of these characters, like in "Patience. It starts with your nuts in a bunch, full-on Banshee, before letting you really chew into the Brit and the Busker on the "Where do we go now?

Place that order for lemon and honey tea beforehand.

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Let's face it: There's no way you can hit those high notes on the chorus, and no one—and we mean no one—has any idea what vocalist David Paich is carrying on about. But man, is that fake-tribal verse smooth, and man, is that chorus melody sweet. This is one of those karaoke songs that gets the whole room singing along or at the very least trying its best. Considering the song is about stalking, "One Way or Another" sure does show up in a lot of teen and children's entertainment.

The dark nature of the tune gets lost in the neon glow of the guitars—much like how we are now foolishly nostalgic for dangerous late-'70s New York—and Debbie Harry's gender-swap vocals. Fair warning: A dude singing it is in danger of sounding all "it puts the lotion in the basket.

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