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By Teddie Moreno and Jennifer Olguin. The New Mexico history that is most familiar to people is one of the shoot-outsoutlaws, and battles for land.

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Without many of the strong and resilient womenNew Mexico would not be the state it is today. Many women helped shape the state and country in politics, education, music, and civil rights. Only a few women from the Land of Enchantment are highlighted in the exhibitbut so many more coul d be recognized for their contributions. Fabiola was an American educator, nutritionist, activist, and writer.

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While attending school, she taught Spanish. He approached her about working for the Extension S ervice. After graduation, she initiated her year career as a traveling extension agent. Female extension agents were few in those days. Female Spanish — speaking extension agents amounted to one, Fabiola. She trained Native American and farm women in traditional and modern skills, including gardening, cooking, and preserving their native foods.

Inshe published the extension circular titled Historic Cookery. A decade later, this became the heart of her acclaim to Hispano traditions and one of the most famous circulars published by a native New Mexican. The first recorded recipe for tacos to be fried and folded. New Mexico Extension Circular No. Her recipe for tacos filled with meat was the first time the tortilla was folded and not rolled like a burrito.

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Yes, tacos used to be a snack, not the main entree that they have become today. Fabiola agreed to an oral history interview in ; she was almost 90 years old, her memory was failing, but the recollection of her career as an extension agent was solid.

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Elizabeth Garrett October 12, — October 16, Elizabeth was more than the daughter of famous Sherriff Pat Garrett, and she was much more t han a woman with a disability. She was a half — Latina musician who studied voice in Chicago and New York. Inwe had the opportunity to meet a researcher and great-grandson to Pat Garrett, Scott Davis. Elizabeth was still very young when her parents Apolinaria and Pat Garrett moved their family to Las Cruces.

Amador Col. Elizabeth was taken to a school for the blind in Austin, Texas. There her native musical talent was encouraged and promoted. Governor William C. McDonald approved it as the state anthem after hearing Elizabeth perform it before a t session of the New Mexico Legislature. N57 G That recording was rediscovered by New Mexican, James Keller, who discovered the recording several years ago on an online auction from a dealer in Germany.

Listen to a snippet of the recording performed by Elizabeth here. The record is a bit scratchy and high pitched, but over years ago, Elizabeth Garrett was known as the Songbird of the Southwest and the Blind Nightingale. She never let her disability slow her or prevent her from leading a life of advocacy. Although used to the darkness, Elizabeth fell in during a blackout on a Roswell street. She died with a gash to her forehead and possibly a heart attack while being transported to the hospital.

Maria Gutierrez Spencer was born in in Las Cruces and was an advocate for bilingual education within the Land of Enchantment. At a young age, Maria aspired to be involved in the education profession due to her personal experiences she encountered at a young age.

Maria experienced language barriers while attending grade school due to only knowing Spanish. After experiencing obstacles in her schooling, she was determined to change the education landscape. Maria Gutierrez Spencer RG Maria majored in Spanish and Latin American history and was the first woman to hold the position as a t e aching a ssistant while attending college.

After completing her studies, Maria dedicated herself to become an advocate for bilingual education within New Mexico schools.

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A historical marker honoring her accomplishments can be found on the New Mexico State University campus. Image by KRWG. Notable accomplishments:. Frances Williams was born in in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Frances Williams receiving an award Frances was active in the international scene. After retirement, Frances established a consulting firm dedicated to supporting e qual e mployment o pportunit ies for citizens.

She continues to educate individuals and teaches c ivil r ights classes for various public and private sector employers, investigates complaints of discrimination, and serves as a technical expert in the area of c ivil r ights. We look forward to sharing more details about their stories soon.

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By Teddie Moreno and Jennifer Olguin The New Mexico history that is most familiar to people is one of the shoot-outsoutlaws, and battles for land. Bookmark the permalink. Follow any comments here with the RSS feed for this post.

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Las Cruces New Mexico Las Cruces New Mexico ladies

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