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Body positivity has been having a moment as of late.

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Plus-size models are dominating runways and magazines. The tyranny of the " thigh gap " has been usurped by the somewhat more fat-friendly " thighbrow. However, even though we pay a lot of lip service to women like models Nadia Aboulhosn and Tess Hollidayis the body-positivity trend in the style sphere reflective of a larger phenomenon? Is our culture becoming more accepting of bigger women, both in the fashion world and in the privacy of our own bedrooms? In short: Are we increasingly masturbating to plus-size porn? Mic recently teamed up with XXX superpower Pornhub to find out.

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Pornhub searches for "BBW" have skyrocketed in the past two years. This year has been a celebration of body positivity, championing curves and finding beauty and sex appeal in all different types of physiques," Corey Price, Pornhub's vice president of operations, told Mic.

This is where things get a bit murky.

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Carmella Bing, who is the far-and-away leader of the pack of actresses whose names are searched with the term "BBW," is actually not much of a BBW to begin with. She doesn't market her work as BBW and running a quick Google Image search for the porn star pulls up a of photographs in which she looks, with large breasts and a small waist, like a conventionally attractive porn star. Runner-up Vanessa Blake isn't much larger. While some of the stars on the list do indeed adhere to the traditional BBW model, such as Cotton Candi and Crystal Clear, the fact that women like Bing are labeled "BBW" is similar to the controversy over labeling larger models as "plus-size," when they are in fact quite average.

Nowhere was this more apparent than back in February, when everyone got excited for Sports Illustrated to feature their first ever plus-size model — only to find out that it was 6-foot-2, size 12 beauty Robyn Lawley.

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In porn, things are done a little differently. When asked why stereotypically slim porn stars are labeled BBW on Pornhub, Price was somewhat circumspect. For the record, "plus size" is a term used to describe models size 8 and up in the mainstream fashion industry. A lot of porn stars today actively self-brand on social media as well as personal websites and describe themselves with words like buxom, curvy and voluptuous, in the same way that others call attention to the fact that they might be redhe or have very small feet.

It's niche marketing. But even with actresses self-defining their characteristics, confusion can still run rampant. Porn star Siri addressed this phenomenon head-on in a Reddit AMA last year after someone asked her about whether or not she felt "pressure" from the porn industry to get in better shape. I have seen myself incorrectly labeled a 'BBW' Big Beautiful Womanwhich is considered a niche in the porn industry, typically referring to very overweight and obese women," she said.

The data isn't all wrong, though.

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Many of the other actresses on the most-searched list, like third-place Sofia Roseare indeed proud, self-proclaimed BBWs. So it's not that users aren't totally interested in BBW porn — they just may not be quite as into it as the s suggest. If nothing else, the increased popularity of this niche porn genre does point to a larger trend in our culture — but not in the way we might think. Just as celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian are praised for their "curves" despite being very fit and slender women, the popularity of so-called "BBW" porn indicates that as a culture, we seem to be most accepting of "larger" women when they aren't actually that large in the first place.

By Nicolas DiDomizio.

In search of bbws

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