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In the U. In 80 percent of those assaults, the victim will know the assailant. One in four girls will be sexually abused before she turns eighteen. A woman in this country is beaten every nine seconds. And, of course, women still earn about 80 percent of what men make in the workplace. Next year will mark the one-hundredth anniversary of the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendmentwhich guaranteed women the right to vote. Yet no woman has ascended to the White House, though one did receive more votes than any white man ever has.

At p. Ahead of that event, I wanted to explore what feminism means today. More specifically, I wanted to find out what feminism means to men: What comes to mind when they think of the words feminism and toxic masculinity?

How do they navigate rape culture, and what were they taught about consent? Do they believe our society is still fundamentally unequal and patriarchal? The truth is, women need men to achieve equality, and equality is only possible when there are understanding and respect between genders.

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Over the last few months, I conducted dozens of interviews with men in the Triangle, asking a series of questions about feminism and related issues, an exercise deed to help me better understand their perceptions of the roles they play and to raise their awareness of inequality. Not to my knowledge. You know, actually, I am going to retract that. Based on now what I understand sexual assault to be, yes. And I understand the severity of it. If you asked me this question ten years ago, I would've said no to the same set of circumstances, but I think now having a much better understanding, being more mature, being more aware, actually, yes.

You know, I think sexual assault these days is, as it should be, defined as any unwanted verbal or physical gesture toward another person. To have a look back, absolutely. People look at it as a bad thing. And, I think, in my lifetime, it no longer will have to be a discussion you have on purpose, it will just be something that happens by the course of nature, I hope.

I don't consider myself a feminist by label, no. I mean, I am an equalist. I am a humanist. I am an equalist. I think feminism has sort of morphed. Have you ever heard a sexist comment or a joke and felt pressure to laugh or keep quiet? Yeah, not to laugh, but keep quiet. They gave me a really half-ass conversation about sex and consent. Really half-ass. What do you think about pornographic films that depict violence and domination over women?

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I read a fair amount of academic literature on pornography, and I would say that some of it is definitely violently misogynistic and a lot of it is really neither sexist nor progressive. A lot of it is pretty milquetoast. I think there is definitely sexist violent pornography out there.

Definitely not something that interests me. Again, there are issues of the economy of it and issues of economic power. But I could maybe imagine some weird sort of progressive stripping in a less profoundly sexist, patriarchal society. But like everything in the U. Not necessarily, because I think anyone can participate in sex work.

When I hear it, I think of, you know, fraternal college behavior and the group mindset of men that just, you know, laugh off unwanted sexual advances. Have you ever heard a sexist comment or joke and felt pressured to laugh or keep quiet? Sure, yeah, I have a few different circles of friends, one of which is, you know, on the golf course. I don't think I did in every instance, because again, and going back to your question about rape culture, you know, it was in the minds of, like, buddies or whomever I was with who were doing that, they thought they were just having fun, and, you know, it was harmless.

But I could tell it was making, you know, the woman in this example uncomfortable. You know, just leave it alone. Because it really is just simply a matter of, like, women need to be equals in society, and at this point, they are simply not. In life, if I met some girl that I considered feministic, the more feministic, the more it would have brought out the gentleman in me. Men are probably not used to women getting the same rights as they have or the way they are being treated.

My interpretation of being a feminist would be someone that is committed spiritually, personally, religiously, everything they do to promote champion, advocate, embrace equal gender rights for all. I do think there need to be interventions by institutions, and I am learning more and more the dynamics about the way that local and national governments play.

But we need some way to intervene and break the momentum of the decades, of the centuries of bias that we had in our society. So yes.

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My initial instinct is to say no. I was out and around a lot of things that were more like what people will call a hookup culture, you know, in college. I think they did. I was such a dorky. And I remember this idea of love and sex was supposed to be between married people who love each other. I know I would never do anything to someone without their consent. I was raised to respect people. It was more like this is something sacred that you should hold dear.

Because as a parent now, I would absolutely include that in my talk to my children. Yes and no. I would definitely say that there is a ton of inequity for women in the marketplace, in tech. The s show it. So I will say yes and no. We typically have a top-down approach. I have two ways to think about that. One is women arguing for the right to choose, where they keep the baby or not. And on the pro-life side, if women are not given the right to choose, there need to be people, not just money, willing to step up to raise that. Particularly, me being an African-American man and also being a part of underdeveloped, economically fragmented communities of color, where there are too many babies being born into really tough situations.

Even though they are not aborted, they are pretty much aborted into the system and left to die, or left to be incarcerated. I think it is an expectation that men are to behave a certain way to their—in lots of cases—to their own detriment as well as a societal detriment. And I think that the problem is that the path that it le us down is that the young men who are probably the ones predominately watching it think that stuff is appropriate and the right way to engage in a sexual relationship. So it changes how we interact sexually in a very negative way.

But most strip clubs end up being sexist organizations because of the environment they create for people. I think our society has made it sexist. And, you know, I support highly regulating something instead of pushing against it. We need to understand the underlying root cause of it. Just stamping out prostitution is not going to solve anything. And I feel that way not just about women but about other marginalized groups where people feel discriminated against for some intrinsic thing that has no bearing on who they are as a person.

And I think toxic masculinity can be like that in male-dominated environments. And I work in a percent male-dominated field, and I try to make a point to avoid that. I actively seek teams that are at least somewhat equally represented by women. Do you think the government should be required to make laws to support equal pay?

Sounds like somebody getting raped. No, not really. I disagree. Wait, let me take it back. Do I think some religious organizations are sexist? You should show honor to women and not disrespect them. And I guess some people interpret it as they should be lower.

Even though I have four daughters, and I know that they would encourage me to if I was nearby—where is this march? Chapel Hill St. Advertise .

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