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It works with networks of like-minded organizations and in the countries where the two Congregations are present. ERI has a special interest in the rights of the child, the right to education and in eco-justice. In the government of Grenada commuted the mandatory death sentences imposed on 14 persons for the deaths of the former PM Maurice Bishop and others.

Each sentence was commuted to imprisonment for the remainder of natural life.

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At the same time the sentences of eight other persons who were on death row pursuant to mandatory death sentences, and whose criminal appeals against conviction had already been disposed of, were commuted to life imprisonment. In seven cases the commutation was to life imprisonment simpliciter.

However, in the case of Rudolph Hall his sentence was commuted to imprisonment for remainder of natural life. In the Privy Council, the final court of appeal in Grenada, confirmed a decision of the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal that the mandatory death sentence was unconstitutional [i]. In the Privy Council ruled that the decision in Hughes v.

Spence applied to Grenada [ii]. The Privy Council also ruled that the sentence of imprisonment for the remainder of natural life was unconstitutional. The Privy Council ordered that the 14 aforementioned persons be brought back to Court and resentenced. Since all persons who were sentenced to the mandatory death sentence have been either released, or resentenced by a Court [iii]. However, two of the persons, Ronnie Gittens and Rudolph Hall, whose mandatory death sentences were commuted instill remain in prison.

They remain in prison without ever having received a lawful sentence from the court.

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They are the only persons in Grenada and probably in the Caribbean who are serving life sentences which have not been judicially imposed. In Reyes v. The Queen [iv] the Privy Council held that the existence of executive bodies to review sentences is not a substitute for the requirement under the Constitution for a person convicted of murder to have an appropriate sentence determined by an independent and impartial court.

Flogging is provided as a punishment in Grenada for male adults [v]. Flogging is available for crime of robbery [vi] and for certain offences under the Praedial Larceny Act [vii]. It is also available as a punishment under the Prisons Rules [viii]. The use of flogging as a punishment has been relatively widespread over the last 10 years with many instances of persons being flogged pursuant to punishments imposed in the Magistrates Court, the High Court and under the Prisons Rules.

The punishment of flogging is inflicted by means of a whip usually made by winding together several strands of a trambran branch.

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The person upon whom the punishment is inflicted is stripped naked, blindfolded and strapped to an instrument like a table, which is referred to as a horse, and then beaten like an animal. Infliction of the punishment leaves the victim of the punishment badly bruised, bleeding and psychologically scarred.

It is settled in law that the punishment of flogging constitutes degrading and inhuman punishment or treatment [ix]. Section 5 1 of the Grenada Constitution protects individuals against inhuman and degrading punishment or treatment.

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However, under section 5 2 of the Constitution, the punishment of flogging is deemed not to be in breach of section 5 1 of the Constitution since it predated the coming into existence of the Constitution [x]. Besides the self-evident inhumanity of the punishment of flogging, there are other issues with the manner of its use as a punishment in Grenada.

Section 16 of the Constitution prohibits gender based discrimination. This has the effect of denying an effective appeal.

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This is contrary to law [xi]. There have been cases in which the punishment has been imposed for traffic offences [xiii]. It has not yet done so. The present impasse between the Government of Grenada and the Grenada Union of Teachers regarding pension and gratuity payments, is adversely affecting students of both primary and secondary schools in the tri-island state. The success of these games depends to a large extent on the volunteerism and goodwill of the teachers.

However in the present climate, many refuse to work beyond normal school hours. This has also affected extracurricular activities, many of which did not take place since the latter part of In the UPR cycle, Grenada accepted recommendations from Cuba and China to improve the quality of education in the country. The Queen, the Privy Council quashed the mandatory death sentence of persons who receive that sentence in Grenada post and ordered that they be resentenced by the High Court. Flogging was a punishment since the days of slavery. Rule 89 of the Prison Rules, SRO 14 ofprovides that before a person is flogged he must be examined by a doctor.

The doctor must certify him fit to undergo the punishment of flogging. A doctor must be present at the flogging. And the doctor has the authority to stop the flogging if he is of the view that the infliction or further infliction would endanger the health of the prisoner. Jerry Seales, is known to have imposed flogging for traffic offences. Edmund Rice International moving hearts changing minds. All Rights Reserved.

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