Girl misses daddy

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Do your kids miss you or your partner when either of you are out of town or working long hours? Unlike my set hours, my husband had been working on a project with irregular hours. At one point, he only saw him for five minutes in the morning before heading out, with no way to see him come bedtime. I had always assumed he asked questions to get answers, rather than to convey an emotion.

At least I got to see my husband in the evenings—he was fast asleep by the time his dad would come home. Maybe your partner has been traveling or away for several months. The reasons are many, but they all boil down to our kids missing one of their parents, unsure how to handle the absence. How can you help when he misses one of his parents? Free challenge: Looking for actionable steps and quick wins in parenting? The Better Parenting 5-Day Challenge is for parents who know they want to improve but need that little nudge and supportive guidance to do so.

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up today—at no cost to you! Thanks for sharing, Nina. Keep the great content coming! A great way for kids to manage the emotions of missing a parent is to make a craft or art project for him or her. Your child is doing something fun while thinking of her mom or dad. She can present the parent with the craft she made, making the reunion even more positive. Take a look at these easy crafts even your young toddler can do.

Rather than saying the same phrase over and over, describe what the other parent is actually doing.

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For instance, explain what his dad does for work and share what he might be doing at this moment. Learn how to explain to your kids why you or your partner work. Help your child cope by giving him a visual cue of when to expect to see your partner.

For instance, older children who can tell time can rely on a clock to know when mom or dad is coming home. If a parent is away for several days, mark a calendar and cross off the days leading up to his or her return. Schedule regular times for the two of them to chat. For instance, schedule a phone call every night. He can read him a book over the phone, reciting the words as you flip through the s at home. Log onto your computer for a video chat—seeing his face can ease difficult emotions, for both parent and. My husband would show live videos as he walked around a different city so my son could see where he was.

Your child may be extra clingy, whiny and outright testing your patience. But the times when our kids are most difficult is when they need us the most. And be kind to yourself. The extra stress of solo parenting, however temporary, can be a hard adjustment for both of you. Read 5 tips to handle a clingy toddler.

She may not feel like her emotions are valid, or whether she should be feeling this way or not. Associating words with emotions assures her this is normal—something everyone feels, even moms and d.

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on the importance of talking to kids about emotions. Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links, which means I will earn a commission—at no extra cost to you—if you make a purchase. Your partner feels guilty for being away from both of you too long, with you on solo duty. And you not only miss your partner, but need to manage the day-to-day household on top of helping your child cope with his emotions. Before leaving, have him give your child a special token of his that he can return when he returns.

In the meantime, help him make crafts while also showing a visual cue of when to expect his return. In an ideal world, my husband, toddler and I would have spent every day together well, most days! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Take a look at these tips or watch the video below :. Disclaimer: Sleeping Should Be Easy and its content are for informational purposes only and should never be used as a substitute for advice from a qualified professional. Disclosure: Per FTC guidelines, this website may be compensated by companies mentioned through advertising, affiliate programs, or otherwise.

Girl misses daddy

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