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A few years ago, a Norwegian teenager named Marie Ulven ran into a problem: She fell in love with a friend. Ulven, who had picked up the guitar a few years prior, naturally decided to write a song about it.

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If these topics were once seen as taboo, Ulven approached them as unexceptional. But Ulven, now 22, has moved away from the lo-fi indie pop that defined her early recordings to play with a wider palette. Rather than ing to a major label, Ulven released the album through AWAL, a distribution service that allows artists to retain ownership of their masters the company was recently acquired by Sony. But in reality, her self-destructive thoughts bubble beneath the surface until they combust.

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At the chorus, when Ulven identifies her problem as a chemical imbalance, the song bursts into clarity. Ulven spends a good chunk of if i could make it go quiet digging into relationships, and all the ways she inflicts and absorbs damage. As she acknowledges the loved ones who have patiently cared for her, she chooses to fight her way towards a healthier state.

Although Ulven is still fine-tuning her approach, her eagerness to explore hints at promising potential.

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Girl in red explorer

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