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You read it on Queer Me Now first! This is the first of two big things coming down the pike from Corbin Fisher Studios.

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COM on April 26th. I just love that Aiden is bottoming so much more nowadays. But look at him now!

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Love me some Aiden…. He has a very unique talent not many pornstars have! That would be hot! Facials and baby swallowing optional! While not my favourite guy on the site Connor and Cain all the way! The scene where he fucked Zeb is amazing, and all of his triple lo are amazing. I just hope he doesnt say anywhere in his interview that hes straight, that will just piss me off. I just love him, keep getting fucked, Aiden! A trailer from CF? QMN, you have the power! I hope that Aiden admits, in that interview, he is gay, almost a slut, or, at least, bi guy who loves dick!

Whoever is doing the recruiting job for CF needs to be replaced. So what the hell is CF doing?

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So go even further, like North Dakota, there are bunch of sexy muscular guys who will do whatever it takes to pay the bills. It looks as though Aiden is really enjoying this! Kinda nice. I like the top as well. I wish he had not shaved so much.

Even hit armpits! Anyway, I will definitely be watching this one. Congrats QMN as well. Aiden is an amazing performer. His scene fucking Rudy and Ashley is a standout. And that Tom guy is the hottest guy to CF since Sean! And I also disagree with Jeremy, while my type is usually the more muscular, hairier and older guys, I think on an attractiveness level, CF has the hottest roster out there.

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I totally agree with sxg! Jeremy, its just yr opinion.

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I too will have to disagree with Jeremy. CF is just fine the way it is.

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No complaints from me on their casting. Also, Dawson is great, I like to see how he has matured and is still sexy and can turn out a great performance. Comments If he fucks me i will cum 5 times in a row, aiden. Never found him attractive or appealing…and probably never will. It seemed hot. Queer me now,Where is interview of Aiden? Aiden has a cute ass and makes a great bottom -but why the need to bb?

I miss him as a top, all he does is bottom these days. Well, Aidy, more Aiden for me then! If it is the last thing I will do! Loading Comments Required Name Required Website.

Gggag me fuck me

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