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Wanted posters are serious business, dealing mostly with criminals and police. But then, you can make funny wanted posters today to have fun with your buddies.

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The most popular of these fun wanted posters are those created in Western Wanted Posters format that brings back the magic of cowboys. Download Funny Guitar Player Wanted Poster Format Download The funny guitar wanted poster template is a hilarious representation of all the guitarists in the world who likes to play it loud and gets arrested for doing so, half naked. Download Sample Funny Wanted Poster Template Download The sample funny wanted poster template is a simple wanted poster on a black background that contains the funny picture of the person and adding a comical quote to it.

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Download Sample Cartoon Wanted Funny Poster Download The sample cartoon wanted funny poster template uses a potato to resemble and mock the couch potatoes who like to stay on the couch for the whole day and also contains a funny quote with it. Download Example of Marshall Funny Wanted Poster Template The example of Marshall funny wanted poster template is a colorful funny wanted poster template that uses an ugly picture of the person and adds a sarcastic comment to make it funny.

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You will even find funny posters with images of animals. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please ! Free Download.

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Fun person wanted

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