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Posted by just snow 15 yrs ago I started seeing this guy about a month ago. Met him at a bar, was checking him out so my friend got up talked to him and introduced us. He texted me a week later and we set up a date. Had a nice time and have still been seeing this guy but the thing is that in between our dates max twice a week, min.

Three times in fact, twice of which he shot me down. Thing is, I enjoy our dates and really feel he does too. The following 2 dates ended up in the sack Please support our advertisers:. Do not think what he is, think what you want! No excuse. Why don't you talk to this guy and find out what he think about the present situation, instead of thinking up 'reasons for his actions' for him? For all you know, he also think you're also using him sure, women can use men too or, maybe, you're comfortable with what you're having right now.

If you find out he's using you after talking to him and you don't wanna be used then you take the appropriate action every rational person will take; move on and look for a relationship that satisfies Judge NOT, my dear, until you know what you've to judge I thought i'd be able to handle it but i guess i can't. So, with all due respect, please shut up, stay there and let's have our peace.

If not, and if this bores you, then stop posting unconstructive replies. Ed 15 yrs ago JE is deleted and banned. Someone like Samantha in Sex and the City. He was happy and so was I. Only difference is that now it ends with sex. To answer your question, tinja, there were 3 weeks in between our 1st and 6th date in which I slept with him.

I felt we were ready, seeing that on date 5, I went up to his place and just made out with him. Ed 15 yrs ago That ban had nothing to do with the content of this thread. The message is, if you arent interested in what others want to discuss then dont cut them down and especially when profanity laced insults There is absolutely no place for such comments on these forums. I stand by that ban. Vulvic 15 yrs ago My 2 cents - sounds like it's just sex.

When a guy is serious about you, he will call and arrange dates in advance. He will talk to you rather than text you. He will maintain frequent contact because he is interested in you and what you are doing. Once things become physical, that level of interest should be heightened and the of dates usually increase.

You will probably get to the point where you spend time with him times a week, or more. Of course all of the above is a rough guide but generally speaking, when a guy is into you, you never have to question it. Why you care about people calling you? Ed 15 yrs ago JC - as mentioned it had nothing to do with this thre content. It was an insult to those who were participating in the conversation.

Vulvic 15 yrs ago Lulu - you are always such a drama queen! This thread is not about you. I'm sure you are not a slut. Am obviously in denial, but your replies have helped smack some sense in me. Nemesis- thanks for the movie tip. Thanks tho for your bit of advice. Looks like that when you are in a bad mood you simply ban something you don't agree with.

One day it was bad sense of humor, the other day the word sex could not be used, and a third day we had to scream so that you ban someone who was mocking a dead person some of us know Most of the time your ban install boredom into the forum. It is not the first time some of us mention it, and your banning policy is so incoherent and arbitruary that it is almost a joke Seriously review your policy and get yourself a punching ball instead getting your nerves on ppl here.

Now to show that you can't even take critics, I am going to get ban, and guess what : I will not be able to sleep for weeks, but that is a fair price to pay for the freedom of speech and I sacrifice my alias to the community here. But just took the opportunity to tell you how ridiculous your banning policy is. It is your own business and probably this does not affect that much the of ppl visiting your web site.

Still, it is good sometime to hear the plain truth.

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Man, for once : create a policy that is not just based on your own mood, make it fair, or simply don't ban unless people ask you to. Ciao - JC see you in Iraq where the grass is green and That would be too weird. Perhaps there're a lot of guys like that around and of course he's happy with the situation.

Who wouldn't?? So what's on your friends mind anyway, regardless whether he's the same fellow Vulvic 15 yrs ago Just Snow - good luck with whatever you decide. Yes, I am in a pleasant mood today As for my banning policy its pretty consistent - if you insult people you probably end up banned - if you insult people and use profanity you definitely get banned.

The person who banned did both and is gone. Anyway, lets not cry over spilt beer, for there is a lot more in the cooler And with that in mind, I now invite you to continue you discussion in a civil, constructive manner. Just be aware that in your moody time you shoot like a mexican! Ed 15 yrs ago Actually not a holiday Vulvic 15 yrs ago Yes, within 2 days of being back in HK I know have a lovely cough and my tan is fading. Walking around with my bottle of oxygen. I appreciate it. However, as you said, you've dated him for a month now, it might be too early for a guy to decide if he wants to go further to a serious relationship or not.

So I think you'd better be a bit more patient. In the mean time, try out the strategies Cathy suggested. Sound not bad at all. And yet, don't bother about how you look in people's eyes. With this guy tho, I was checking him out… he was just minding his own business, sitting by his lonely self at the bar.

See what I mean? Cathy- thanks for your advice. It is just that he wants sex and you happen to be around. You can be attractive and every man's dream but all he just wants is sex and no string attached. Dont self doubt in this situation. Let's say it is a different pursuit of interests here. The last few years all the guys i met who asked me to go out for the second date all turn to be like that wannabe sex partnerssome still calling me!!!

Some even ask me want to be sex aprtner after the first date, it sounds horrible but i can say they are honest then! No need to be dramatic to delete phone or have a conference!! Just say you are busy when he text you, sooner or later he gets the message Now I fed up with people like that, I just not bother to meet any of them anymore. So plastic. No probs with that, so long as you know what you're getting into. To name just a few. As I say no prob for either the guy or the gal, so long one isin't pretending otherwise. Brute 15 yrs ago Ermm thanks Berry Picker, so whenever yr ready, feel free to sms or me.

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What happened to good old dinner-movie and getting to know you? What a warped world!! I think the format of boys meet girls has totally shift But most of the time they call you if they are only feeling horny and drunk First date should be short and sweet. If things go bad, at least you can shoot off early. You dont have to wait till dinner is over and still have to endure the movie!! Manicair - please introduce his single male friends to us. We should restart the old funky dating. Vulvic 15 yrs ago Manicair - good for you, sounds like you have found a keeper! As for moving to fast, there is no such thing as long as you both feel comfortable.

I have this theory that MOST expats in HK will rarely be serious when it comes to relationships cuz their egos get inflated here. They probably couldn't turn he in their home town and once they come here, they're like kings.

They enjoy all the attention they get, cuz c'mon, don't we all know chicks with white fever?? I totally get it, if i were them i probably wouldn't wanna settle with one chick either. Yeah of course rather than cheating, sex partners and dumped by someone. I have to say there are ups and downs in life, take it easy. Sometime you do not need a man to complete your life right? Let's just say you're really really lucky. My most recent ex is English and it didn't work out cuz he'd purposely act out, hoping I'd put him in place.

Basically he wanted a mom as a gf. And the guy I've been talking about here is also English. Ok yes, he holds my hand when i'm with him, but doesn't really make up for the fact that he sees me as a call girl, eh? Well my sort of "sex partners" are all english too, he sent me a few texts and I will go and meet him, no matter where i am, cos i really like him.

Fuck buddy in hong kong

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