Fuck buddies in Olafsvik

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Solo in Iceland. April 27, Ok, now that we got that minor demand out of the way, I'll tell you about my 5 solo days in my new favorite country. Thank you Vikings for coming to this land from Norway in the s and putting it on the map. I arrived in Keflavik at am. I wandered around until I could finally read the map on how to get to the car rental place and found Go Iceland Rentals. There was some miscommunication on when I would pick up my car, so the car I reserved was not readily available unless I waited 6 hours.

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Not having time to waste, I agreed to whatever 4x4 car they had to give me. Big mistake.

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Before I could get out the lot, the car just stopped, as I was in idle mode, again trying to read a map to my first destination. I went to get the gentleman who was helping me, however he told me I wasn't driving the car properly. Being that I had been up since 10 am Friday, plus 4 hours time changeI thought "well maybe I did do something wrong" and took his word the car was safe to drive.

I noticed once on the hwy, as I gained speed, the car jerked as if it were trying to switch gears. Of course I stopped a ton to take snaps and when I would return to the car, it would take several tries to get going I had accepted this as the norm. Saturday was my day for the Golden Circlea trail of must see spots. My first real stop was at Kerid Crater. It was around am so I had the entire place to my self.

You can walk around the perimeter and walk down to the lake. There are two others in Iceland, this one is around 3, years old. The picture doesn't do it justice to how big it is so here are some measurements: Crater it self is feet deep, feet wide and feet across. From here I continue on my trek and stop to take a picture of my first church! Exciting right? Everyone knows Iceland is covered in used and abandoned little doll-like churches.

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What was not so exciting is that when I was done, so was my car. It had finally died.

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I took several deep breathes and tried re starting the car, over and over. It was if the car wouldn't turn over, lets call the issue a "starter problem". When I looked around a realized I hadn't seen anyone in 3 hours, I started to get teary. Please note, I do realize how helpless and somewhat pointless this call was, but it felt right at the time.

Mama Bear comes before roide assistance. After she told me to do what I already knew to do, I called road side assistance. Let me tell you how fun that was He tells me he's going to "call me back". Once he does he tells me the man at the airport told him I wasn't driving the car properly. Insert slight attitude I tell him it's not a problem with my driving, it's a problem with the car and it's been that since start. I told him I needed a new or 4x4 SUV brought to me asap and that I needed to be credited for one day of the rental.

He tells me it would be I looked around for land marks and I tell him all I can see and still nothing, he has no idea where I am. I asked if I could drop him a pin and not to my surprise that wasn't an option. Finally, a man on a tractor comes by and I asked him to please tell the man on the phone where the hell I was.

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He smiled and said "ok". I take a shot of vodka, smoke a ciggy sorry Mama Beartake more deep breathes, put on an extra layer of clothes, wipe the mascara from under my eyes, re-apply mascara and set out to meet some Icelandic Horses. Just over 2 hours later one man and one car show up. One would think he would have had someone follow him out to me, seeing as how the car he's swapping me for doesn't work.

He told me he was told he could probs get it started. Well guess what? He couldn't. I thanked him for bringing me the car. I also, as nicely as possible, told him I was not taking him back to wherever he came from, I had already wasted 3 hours of my day.

This blog and this blog and Instgram hashtag iceland really helped me decide what attractions I wanted to see. I really wanted to see Haifoss Waterfall. I had read a lot of cool spots were off dirt ro and took some exploring to get there so I had prepped myself for this. I thought surly the beauty of Haifoss would cure my breakdown blues.

I'll never know. On the way there, I saw beautiful lakes of teal water and snowy mountains hanging out on the horizon, then I came to route The entire landscape was craved out my slow moving glaciers creating deep valleys.

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Glaciers actually are responsible for carving out everything in this country that wasn't shaped my magma and earthquakes! I drove off the main road onto the dirt road that is route and smile when I saw the for Haifoss. I drove some more then stopped. My dirt road was covered in water up ahead.

This part of the landscape is very flat with large patches of ice and snow all around, The day is "warm" and the sun is out without a cloud in the sky so the snow was melting. I get out and investigate. The water was only ankle deep, so I had this. I have to make another stop to review the access. Road is gone. All snow. Deep hard snow with soft fresh snow on top. I can see where other vehicles have done this but I make an executive decision not to chance it. I said out-loud, "this is why I'm here" as packed up my water bottle and camera and began walking. I walked for 30 min, and didn't see it so I turned around.

Once I arrived back down the mountain my dirt road that was just ankle deep water, is now mid calf high. I yelled out "what the fuck" and threw my hands up in the air. It appears the high sitting sun of Iceland can melt a lot of snow in 1. I didn't feel comfortable driving around the dirt road, as it was just flat land for as far as I could see, no telling what was under the ice and snow, and from what I could see, the water was deeper on either side of the road.

I did the only thing I could do: get in the car, put the it in 4 wheel drive and drive probably faster than I should have through it. After this I give my self a pep talk: "Ok Em, take it easy, you are alone in a remote country. If something bad were to actually happen off road, it could get bad! Reign it in a little". I'll see you next time Haifoss! The Secret Lagoon was up next. This too is off a main road with supposedly a tiny.

After driving a while looking for it and not finding it, I gave in.

Fuck buddies in Olafsvik

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