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Wellspring offers an internet-based chat hotline which is a way to connect with a Wellspring advocate through the internet computer, tablet, or smart phone instead of a telephone. We recognize that so many people communicate through sending written, electronic messages nowtext message, social media so this may be a more comfortable way of communicating, no matter the situation.

The internet-based chat allows a person to connect with us without even saying a word. Wellspring uses a chat provider that is very committed to the safety and security of the information people share with us. Therefore there are several mechanisms in place to maintain confidentiality:.

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While the contents of the messages are not saved by Wellspring or the Chat service provider, there are other ways that information may be recorded by the device of the person seeking services. First, the person seeking services may choose to take screen shots of the conversation.

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Those pictures would be stored on their device. Not sure if your technology is safe? Please note that our internet-based chat is not texting. Texting, or SMS Chat, is less secure so we currently do not use it. The only access to our internet-based chat hotline is with an internet connection and through a web browser. Get help now. Call now if you need to! Click to hide your screen. Live Chat. Get Help What is Domestic Violence?

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What is Sexual Assault? Internet-Based Chat Hotline. One-on-one chat with a Wellspring Advocate.

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Currently available during business hours. What is Chat? Is Chat confidential? Not only is it confidential but it is free. How is Chat confidential? Therefore there are several mechanisms in place to maintain confidentiality: Our internet-based chat is end-to end encrypted, therefore only the person seeking services and the victim advocate who they connect with can read the contents of the messages being sent.

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Not even the provider of the chat service can see the contents of the messages being sent and they are not stored in any way for any period of time. The advocate only knows about the person seeking assistance what they tell us.

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We will not know where they are from unless they tell us where they are from. With this said, no matter the context, whether during Chat or in person, our services are confidential EXCEPT in cases of suspected child abuse, intent to harm oneself, or intent to harm others. Return to Our Services.

What is a Rape Kit? Creating a community that will no longer look the other way.

Free live sex Saratoga Springs chat

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