Bored and married me to

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Family and other relationships. Bored housewife Is my marriage over?? Need some advice pls. I think my marriage is over and dont know what to do.

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Feel unloved and unappreciated in my marriage. Help my mother In law is ruining my marriage. Im absolutely distraught my marriage is over, husband doesn't love me anymore!! So bored with my marriage. Stephanie R Does anyone else feel bored to tears with their marriage and am just goin on with it for the kids? It sounds horrible to some people I'm sure but I am being honest I am bored with him we never do anything and he never wants to and he is in a world of his own thinking all is fine, but I am so unhappy and long to be with someone new although I know the grass wouldn't be greener and I don't need all that if u know what I mean, Anyone else feel like this.

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Bad ature. Melissa A Hi Stephanie. I'm definitely with you on this, the only difference is that my husband doesn't think all is ok I imagine it's a bit harder for you if your husband doesn't think anything is wrong though.

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Search for a thread. It's so rubbish isn't it? I feel I am still young and want more out of life but don't know how to get it!!!

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And I think the hardest thing is not knowing what to do as it's not like we don't get on we do as mates so it's never bad enough to do something shout just sooo boring and I don't love him like I should. Family and other relationships Bored of my husband. Family and other relationships So unhappy in my marriage :. Family and other relationships my marriage is falling apart! Family and other relationships So lonely in my marriage. He's obviously not for you don't be with someone for kids sake what you gunna do when they grow up end relationship I did when I had my then 3 month old and 10 yeAr old in a new relationship 5 months After best thing I've ever done.

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Wow that is good to know thank u I wish I was as strong as u Where did u meet the new man if u don't mind me asking? In answer to Stephanie R Cristina R. Have you told your husband all this? Sometimes it's easy to get in a rut with relationships and think the grass is greener. It takes hard work to make a relationship last and keep things exciting. Remember there is a reason this man is your husband. Try to remember all the fun things you did together at the beginning and try to re introduce them.

After 24 yrs I tried to rekindle things, after waiting ages for my then husband to come out of restaurant toilet I had to ask the bar man to let me in the men's loo. Yes he was fast asleep. Thanks girls Yes your right becky I am trying to think of all the good times and remember why I wanted him to be my husband things have been better over the last few days so we will see I do talk to him and he changes for a few days makes more effort and says we will do this and that and then it goes back to the same old same old There have been a few times where he has been very unsupportive when I really really needed him not to be and I find that very hard to forgive.

Family and other relationships Bored housewife Family and other relationships Is my marriage over?? Family and other relationships I think my marriage is over and dont know what to do. If your unhappy i would seriously do something about it. Never plod along because of the children staying is not always the best option i have sisters who have been through it and left and the day they did their lives changed for ever for the best. I personally would not stay if i was not happy with my husband and i would not stay because i have children.

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Like you say your bored and your husband also deserves to be with someone who truly loves him too. I would tell him how your feeling so you can see what the way forward should be for you both. Can't find your answer? Philip B Hi, I'm sorry for this but a desperate Google search led me here. Your thread rings too true but in my case in the husband.

There is no other woman and I'm truth I don't want anyone else but the marriage is numb and I'm scared about what it means for the future of my wife, children and myself. I'm not looking for answers here just needed somewhere to say it. Muddly M. We hit a stale mate and talked. It was painful but well worth it.

I recommend couples counselling before making any rash decisions, it really helps get everything out in the open! Family and other relationships Feel unloved and unappreciated in my marriage. Family and other relationships Help my mother In law is ruining my marriage. Family and other relationships Im absolutely distraught my marriage is over, husband doesn't love me anymore!!

You are bored! What is missing in your life and it is absent? And how old are you? Most selfish statements I have heard. This is precisely we have children from broken homes in care homes and on drugs and knife crime. Simply because you are bored with your life!! How truly sad.

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Bored and married me to

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Bored in Marriage: Why It's Normal and How to Be Satisfied Again