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A gunman killed 49 and wounded One of them was Morales, who was shot three times in the left leg and once in the right. The love of his life died in his arms. Now 39, Morales has endured 16 surgeries and anticipates two more. His last shift as a nurse was the day before the mass shooting, and he has struggled to find work in the years since. Morales said limited mobility hurts his chances of getting hired. During interviews, he said, when employers learn about the extended gap in histhey seem unwilling to accept his mental and physical traumas.

The school relented, but the rookie receiver broke her leg in the first weeks of the season. She and Koffee were best friends in middle school and freshman year of high school, then grew apart as upperclassmen.

Koffee never told her how she felt. Her friend later moved to Orlando.

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Weeks later, Koffee learned via Facebook that her friend checked into a rehabilitation center for alcoholism. Koffee reached out but got no response. Months after the attack, Koffee saw a social media post that her friend had died of an overdose. She had lost her close friend and several acquaintances at Pulse.

She moved from Orlando to St. Petersburg three years ago. But she said it gave her time to reflect. Then she found her answer: She was pansexual. Her affections were not limited by gender. She shared her true identity with close family and friends, and then celebrated her own Independence Day on July 4,when she told the internet. Ross said she feels less alone today than she did five years ago.

Ross thanks her friend for making it possible. They met up in downtown St. That was also the day they learned that their friend Eddie Sotomayor Jr. Still in the bud of their relationship, Soots, 36, and his future husband turned to each other for support. They bonded over their memories of Sotomayor and attended his funeral together. They credit their late friend for bringing them together. At their wedding, Soots told family and friends about attending the vigil held for Pulse victims in downtown Orlando at the end of June It had rained earlier that day.

Still, in the months afterward, he refused to visit crowded clubs or bars. To this day, he avoids partying in enclosed spaces without establishing an escape route.

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In Februaryhe matched on Tinder with Roger Warren, a year-old warehouse manager for a company that makes paint-by-s kits. Warren had been a closeted gay man who only dated women. So Warren grew closer to others, to friends old and new. Buccellato and Warren now live together in Tampa.

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Buccellato, a food delivery service driver, said that he used to think he was the change agent in the relationship, helping Warren own his identity as a gay man. On June 1, the first day of Pride month, Gov. The governor says the timing is unintentional, and his office says DeSantis has actually expanded mental health funding by hundreds of millions of dollars.

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But Ross sees it as an intended slight. They set a date for falleager to say their vows under the yellow, orange and red leaves. Morales said that he only wanted to do it once, so it had to be right. He gets by on monthly disability checks.

Still, the former nurse plans for the future. He wants to give patients the compassion and care that he said he has been denied since he was shot. In November, after years of physical therapy, he can now walk without a cane.

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Obituaries Homes Jobs Classifieds. Careers Advertise Legal Contact. Log in. Manage my subscription Activate my subscription Log out. Loved ones are still mourned. Others live new lives in honor of those who were lost. By Rose Wong. Published Jun. Related: Five years later, the pain of Pulse lingers in Orlando. Up next: City of Brooksville accidentally sells its water tower. Rose Wong Mental Health Reporter.

Bisexual clubs tampa

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Tampa Bay LGBTQ community reflects on five years since Pulse shooting