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So us as we look at the 13 best final girls. This list is in descending order with the best at the bottom! One of the best final girls is also one of the very first.

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Marilyn Burns played a wide-eyed and terrorized survivor girl before that even was a thing. And worst of all is when the Sawyer Family then invites her to dinner over their remains. Ad — content continues below. It also literally gobbled since the Sawyer family gorged themselves on any teen or fool stupid enough to wander from the safety of civilization. Sally herself is fairly reactionary as a character and survives more by luck than anything else.

Texas Chain Saw was not the only groundbreaking slaughterfest in But on this earlier and far darker silent night, Clark imagines a sorority house where a serial killer hides in the attic as he slowly picks off the Greek sisters one by one over winter break. Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! The final girl here is Jess, who is played with a genuinely emotional arc by Olivia Hussey. Released in the years before a final girl was a checklist box, Jess is a young woman whose personal struggles are still incredibly relevant today.

In fact, it is hard to think of any horror movie now where the central heroine is in the process of getting an abortion. But in Black ChristmasJess realizes she is pregnant and, without wavering, tells her temperamental artiste boyfriend that she is canceling the baby food orders. She then goes on to be the last sorority girl standing when it appears that boyfriend Peter Keir Dullea is the killer. Wade makes Jess unique in the genre and still one who should not be trifled with by masked killers.

Watch Black Christmas on Amazon.

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Jamie Lloyd is an especially rare type of final girl because she actually is a girland thus one whose danger is ificantly heightened. Now, the killers were the heroes with Freddy Krueger cracking wise in Nightmare on Elm Street sequels and Jason Voorhees never being anything less than a walking joke in the Friday the 13th films.

So if Michael Myers was going to compete with his fellow knife-wielders, any distinction would be crucial—and making the franchise revolve around an eight-year-old girl proved to be a cunningly singular difference. Danielle Harris does pretty well for actress in this role, particularly in her second entry where her pantomime expressions the terror of the fourth movie left her mute allow her instant sympathy—a trait long lost in most horror movie heroines. Also, she sells the hell out of the scene where she finds her dog and adopted sister turned into festive lawn ornaments.

Watch Halloween 4 on Amazon. To call it that would understate the nasty brilliance of what is at work in this gory passion play where BDSM meets Lovecraft. And whether they acknowledge it or not, they subconsciously are yearning for their own flaying. In this demented context, Kirsty Cotton is unique in her relationship to her would-be tormentor. Repeatedly, she finds herself in situations where she has summoned the Cenobites into her world, and despite there always being a narrative logic to it, Pinhead Doug Bradley might have a point when he infers she wants to know the pleasures of exquisite torment.

Kirsty is generally at her best in Hellbound: Hellraiser II where she lives in the worst psychiatric ward in history and is powerless as her doctors open the gates to a realm of body horror once more. But this time, she is able to save more than herself.

This character growth of heroism as opposed to victimhood is a bit undone in the seedy direct-to-video follow-up Hellraiser: Hellseekerbut the less said about that movie the better. Watch Hellraiser on Amazon. Yet we sense that the hate is more for the tropes, including final girls. Because everything else about this movie is just lovely. But at the center of it all is a scathing critique of the slasher formula, particularly with its antiquated attempts at feminism. Meanwhile, her equally intelligent girlfriend is manipulated by chemicals to be the harlot in need of punishment, and thus outdated gender roles are preserved.

This might not be what is supposed to happen, but it makes Dana one of the most memorable final girls on this list. Watch Cabin in the Woods on Amazon. Ever since the s, horror films generally are expected to have a survivor girl or two, but writer-director Neil Marshall does that one better in The Descent.

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Indeed, the all-female cast is one of the most intriguing things about what is one of the best modern horror movies. In The Descentsix friends, whose shared history goes back to university days, reunite for an adventure deep in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina.

At first glance, this getaway seems to be about burying the past—but really it is about burying their present animosity together. When it is left to just Sarah and Juno, Sarah leaves Juno for them alone in the dark. It is a stunning moment that is informed for only the most observant viewers and makes the dark ending of Sarah being the final girl trapped in an inescapable cave even more haunting. Yes, there is a sequel that follows up on the happier band-aid ending shot exclusively for U.

Watch The Descent on Amazon. Finally, we have a survivor girl who has a reason for surviving! After a Davison Family Reunion is rudely interrupted by mass murdering killers in animal masks, Erin goes from hunted to hunter and bags each and every would-be stalker before the end credits. If they kill off all their parents, siblings, and nephews and nieces, then the fortune is theirs. Unfortunately for one member, he brought his girlfriend to the festivities and had no idea that she grew up on a survivalist compound in the Missouri wilderness.

So while brothers might be easy to stab, good luck getting past her booby traps that result in a sledgehammer to the face. When Fede Alvarez did the unthinkable in and reimagined The Evil Deadhe made some canny decisions that helped his film stand apart from the original. Instead the lead character is the more traditional horror trope of a young woman. However, unlike any other final girl, Mia is also the lead antagonist of the film and spends just as much time demonically possessed as she does kicking demonic ass. Indeed, all of the best or worst moments of Evil Dead lore happen with Jane Levy onscreen in this film.

Early on, Mia is the first victim who is woefully violated by a tree, much like Cheryl Ellen Sandweiss in the original film. However, unlike other Deadites, there is something cathartic about possessed Mia getting her revenge on all those who ignored and marginalized her as a paranoid ex-junkie. Mia also enjoys the most iconic moment of the remake when she splits her tongue in half to lay some sugar on another soon-to-be-possessed body.

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Here is a final girl who got to be both the villain and the hero of her own movie. Who knows how she and Ash might interact with their dueling chainsaws? Watch Evil Dead on Amazon. The Scream franchise has a very special place in the realm of horror. As the series that single-handedly reinvigorated both horror and slashers in the s, it is the defining image of terror for an entire decade. But much like everything else from the Clinton Years, it was pretty self-aware and feel-good in its colorful happiness.

Perhaps that is why there are actually two final girls from the Scream filmsand one of them is, of all things, an opportunistic reporter. And it is those ambitions that keep putting her in the line of stabbing as the Ghostface Killer and his copycats keep on coming after Gale and company. Another element that makes the Scream films unique is that the characters are all fairly well developed, and the survivors continue to evolve and change with each film. Well most of them.

Gale is always the same determined journalist willing to break a story, no matter how many dead bodies she has to walk over along the way. But that sense of self-serving motivation makes her endearing in a way. Few horror franchises have a triumvirate of survivors. It might just be the greatest subversion of all. Watch Scream 4 on Amazon. There have been plenty of final girls, but none have had a grudge match so bloody with their monster that it spilled into the real world.

In fact, Nancy is a quick learner who bones up by reading all the survivalist books in the library and sneaking coffee machines into her bedroom while her hair grays. Having as much of a foul mouth as Freddy, she proves to be his equal by pulling him into the real world and more or less defeating him via New Age spirituality. The only person who can stop him? His original nemesis, Heather Langenkamp, the performer who would be Nancy. But it mostly succeeds at making Freddy Krueger scary again in the most allegorical slasher ever attempted.

More than any other final girl in the pantheons of horror, Sidney Prescott is a fully realized character with a multi-arc journey. Even more impressive, however, is that Sidney is and always will be the star of the Scream movies—not Ghostface.

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Whereas most horror movie franchises tend to deteriorate into showcases for the monster and the nubile young things he must skewer to the delight of horny teenage boys, the Scream movies maintained a surprising level of consistency. Thus enters Sidney Prescott, the first post-modern final girl in horror. There was also Jamie Kennedy as Randy before he got gutted like a fish in Scream 2. In Scream 2she is battle-hardened and attempts to start a new life while dealing with unwanted celebrity. By Scream 3she has lost two sets of friends and has dropped out of college to become an introvert and social recluse living in the woods while working for a suicide hotline.

And in Scream 4she has triumphed over all of the above by not letting her trauma define her. She is now a self-help author that has refused to go gently into that good night. Sidney Prescott is the pinnacle of the final girl archetype and one of the few who is a fully developed character that has a life beyond the confines of the screenplay. And thus she is damn hard to beat.

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Watch Scream on Amazon. But if Sidney Prescott is the pinnacle of the archetype, Laurie Strode is still nevertheless the definitive trendsetter. She then got the chance to kill it several times.

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Ignore the sequels and take it as a one-off tale about a group of friends who are randomly and pointlessly targeted by a mass murdering stalker in a mask. There is no rhyme or reason for why he picked them; he just did so after being locked up for two decades following the senseless slaying of his older sister when he was. His evil exists simply because. In that sense, there is nothing to cheer or sneer about. Carpenter made the definitive slasher movie without realizing he was drafting a formula. Ergo, the three young women being stalked are relatively normal and believable people.

It is admittedly a reactive performance: Michael chases her down the street and keeps trapping her in smaller and smaller places until she is finally saved by Donald Pleasence as a modern day Van Helsing. But unlike a of performers on this list, Jamie Lee Curtis is a terrific actress and sells the horror of her situation in a way that makes that crumbling closet a little too real.

Plus in Halloween H 20 Years LaterLaurie gets the Scream treatment and has learned and grown from her trauma—she now is a very paranoid prep school dean with a drinking problem. She is also a helicopter mother, which proves to be a wise thing since her evil older brother as retconned into the canon in Halloween II returns from the dead 20 years later to try to kill her and her teenage son. Instead, Laurie chases him down and takes off his head with an axe.

But like many bad sequels, it can be left to the dustbin of forgotten cash-in failures. The final girl archetype came full circle with the victim being the hero, and the binary conflict of male monster and female victim being brilliantly turned on its head by the definitive final girl. Make that final hero. Watch Halloween on Amazon. In short, Alien definitely qualifies as a horror movie, and henceforth Ripley is automatically the very best final girl the trope has ever produced.

Indeed, Ripley was originally written to be a male role. However, this is not a case of a woman acting in a masculine way; this is an example of a smart and quick-thinking woman who is simply the best amongst her peers.

This alien parasite might endanger the whole crew —and it does. While everyone else panics, and a company stooge in the form of a robot Ian Holm secretly covets the alien species as a pricy corporate prize, Ripley follows the book and is already one-step ahead of her compatriots. This role made Weaver a star and for good reason. She is unnervingly natural amongst a group of equally committed actors.

Their parts are minimally written, but director Scott and his cast imbue them with great authenticity and life. And the one with the greatest desire to keep it is Ripley, who is played with unforgettable intensity by Weaver. And then they blink first. Watch Alien on Amazon. So there are the 13 Best Final Girls!

Bad ass bitchs

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